The Five Most Annoying Rap Fans Ever

I have a theory. Remember, it’s just a theory. Most people can be categorized by the music they listen to. In this case, favorite rapper. In most extreme cases, you can completely typecast someone by their favorite rapper. They stan for this particular artist to the point where illogical is logical. So I present to you, the 5 Most Annoying Rap Fans ever.


1. Jay-Z – “The Winner”


The Jay-Z stan loves Jay-Z. Why? Because he wins. The Winner loves the idea of Jay’Z’s accomplishments more than his music itself.

How to spot “The Winner”?

Jordans? Check

Yankees, Miami Heat, Cowboys fan? Check

iPhone? Check

“The Winner” will only be associated with things that have a culture of excellence and will not settle.

2. Nas/Lupe Fiasco – “The Hip-Hop Purist”


“You’re just not smart enough to get it”

“He was good until he went pop”

“I hate the radio”

Sounds familiar? Well you know a hip-hop purist. The hip-hop purist is the guy standing in the club angry because women don’t want to twerk to Talib Kweli. The hip-hop purist hates 106 & Park and radio because “real hip hop never gets recognition”. The Hip-Hop purist also thinks you’re childish and juvenile for not owning KRS-One’s greatest hits.

3. Gucci Mane – “The Real Nigga”


“Bruh he ain’t real bruh”

“[Insert terrible hood rapper] be in the streets bruh!”

We all like our dosage of trap rappers. Personally, I think it’s needed. I can’t get hype to Jedi Mind Tricks on the way to the club. But do I take these rappers seriously and say they’re top 5? No. But “The Real Nigga Does”. The Real Nigga is easily identifiable. He’s the guy who can’t stop humming beats of his favorite song or quoting his favorite trap rappers. He’s the guy walking down the bread aisle yelling “I cahn make cohcaine, I fell in luh wit a Cuban” while picking up cinnamon swirl bagels. Gucci is The Real Nigga’s favorite rapper, but any other trap rapper can be inserted.

4. Drake- “The New Nigga”


I’d be lying if I said I was an EPMD fan when I was younger, but I understand their importance. While I don’t like their music, I still pay homage to the pioneers.

The New Nigga doesn’t.

The New Nigga hates Illmatic. Thinks Reasonable Doubt is outdated. Doesn’t see the big deal with Outkast but thinks Andre 3000 is top 10 (see what I did there?).  Shortly, The New Nigga shapes his opinion on what’s now with no regard to the past. The New Nigga’s favorite rapper is Drake because he has already has two classic albums. The New Nigga believes Drake is better than any old geezer that we 80s babies love.

5. The Wave Rider/The Naysayer


I know this looks like two different fans, but they’re the same person-just opposite ends of the spectrum. The Wave Rider loves what’s hot.

In essence, the epitome of The Wave Rider is this nigga:



Yes, The Wave Rider likes every single trend because it’s what’s hot at the moment.

On the flipside, we have The Naysayer. We all know The Naysayer, this person hates EVERYTHING. Think of anything popular, the Naysayer hates it.

Jay-Z? Hates him.

Godfather? Overrated.

Oxygen? Useless.

Sex? Who needs it.

The Waverider/ Naysayer is probably the worst rap fan or human being to be, period.

What fan am I you ask? Well minus the last one, I think I have a bit of all of those qualities. I’m “The Eclectic”. I like what I like. Simple as that.

While you have to respect all music opinions, these 5 mentioned above are the worst types of fans ever. If you’re one of these people, know that I hate you.



  1. LoL! I like this! This reminds of Twitter trolls on album leak/release day. I can specifically think of at least one person that fits in every category and I can’t stand them!


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