Hip Hop Sense’s Top Albums of 2013 [with @_quirkE and @CheesusSlice]

This is a list of our personal favorites from this year, with total disregard of popularity, critics, etc. Due to lack of quality (rap really sucking this year), this list has been skimmed down to our top 5. One album a day and honorable mentions shortly after.

Let’s get started


Chance the Rapper-Acid Rap


Just two years ago, Chance was suspended with the possibility of facing expulsion. He decided to make a mixtape about those experiences. Fast forward to present day, and he’s now one of the hottest names in the game. Take the title of this album literally, because there’s really nothing else like it. It’s very trippy. This album shows not only how talented he is, but how much further he could go.

Ebony’s Pick

A$AP Ferg-Trap Lord/A$AP Rocky-Long.Live.A$AP


Okay I may be cheating with this one since technically Long.LiveA$AP was released last year but the deluxe version has 4 new songs with ‘Ghetto Symphony’ being my favorite. However, I like Trap Lord better. I put these two together cause they are apart of a collective and to me they sound the same and invoke one of my alternate personas. Harlem, wheat timbs, baroque fashion and attitude and a subtle touch of ratchet.

Sky’s Pick

Cold War Kids – Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

Cold War Kids

Ever wondered what a Modest Mouse/The Killers fusion would sound like? Probably not, but if you’re of the .0001% that have, Cold War Kids are your band. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts is heavy on the synth/electro sound as well as the lyrics. Highlights of this album would be “Lost That Easy” “Bottled Affection” and “Bitter Poem”. Couple this EP, that dropped in september, with the album and you have very solid effort.

Cold War Kids – Lost That Easy


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