Hip Hop Sense’s Top Albums of 2013 [with @_quirkE and @CheesusSlice]- #4


Childish Gambino-Because the Internet


This is my IDGAF pick of the year. Yea, I know it’s unpopular. I know Donald is the butt of every social media joke. I know he’s the most hated rapper (Yaphet Kotto freestyle reference) after Wale. But there’s no other album this year (rap, pop, folk, rock, gospel, whatever!) better produced and composed. If nothing else, I appreciate the hours of work that went into this album. I mean, just look at his damn face on the album cover.

Ebony’s Pick.

K.L.U.B. Monsta+DJ Wally Sparks Presents: CANVAS

 OK, you know how growing up you and your friends would all be at the house playing the game or something and somebody would just start rapping and it turns out they are pretty good. Well this is K.L.U.B (knowledge learned under Birmingham) Monsta’s second release and every year they just keep getting better.. Comprised of J. Dotta, Kel Ricks and Josh, each member brings something to the table. While the group is local to Birmingham, Alabama it does not sound just like a local album. “From the features, artwork, production, and definitely the music its the complete package. Their growth from Separate but Sequel is palpable.  If I could nominate it for a Grammy I would. It makes you proud.
Sky’s Pick
Wale – The Gifted


I’ve been down on Wale for a while now because of his diva attitude and penchant for adding a corny forced poem on to his songs, but for this album I sat my disdain aside and gave it real listen. Needless to say since it’s made my top 5 albums list that I was thoroughly impressed. The Gifted is the album we’ve wanted from Wale since we all first heard “Nike Boots”.

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