Hip Hop Sense’s Top Albums of 2013 [with @_quirkE and @CheesusSlice]-#1

*drum roll* Here’s our favorite album(s) of this year.


Mayer Hawthorne-Where Does This Door Go?


If you had Mayer Hawthorne written off as some doo-wop novelty then this album sure bit you in your ass and told you that you don’t know what the hell you’re even talking about. Mayer has always been a crafted producer, but he sings pretty damn well too. This album is just jam after jam. That’s why it’s my album of the year.

Ebony’s Pick
Janelle Monae- The Electric Lady

The music just reflects who she is.  She is literally out of this world. Her face, her voice, her style, her dance are all amazing. This is what I meant by “music I can get ready to without skipping a track.” (<—Girl Thing, Don’t Judge). The album from beginning to end-including the interludes are all ‘GO’ I just have to get up and move when I hear this.  Its new school, its old school, rock, pop, funk, R&B. Can you tell that this album is everything to me?

Sky’s Pick

Haim – Days Are Gone


I was asleep at work when I first heard “The Wire” and I’ve been hooked since. Haim, 3 sisters from California, dropped Days Are Gone unto the masses back in September and it’s has already taken the top spot in my heart. With songs like “If I Could Change Your Mind” and “Don’t Save Me” its easy to fall in love with these women. I think Im legit in love with the one on the far left of the album cover.


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