KWC Podcast Collective

The KWC Podcast Network is a collective of several Independent podcasts hosted and advertised through the KWC Blog. Each production has its own unique branding to bring to the collective, so take the time to sit down and enjoy. We have information on each podcast below, as well as links to their individual iTunes Podcast accounts. Click on the subheaders of this tab to go to recent episodes of each podcast!

“Don’t Call It A Podcast” 

dcip image 1

Don’t Call It a Podcast is one of our signature Podcasts here at KWC. The program features a variety of topics regarding TV, Music and entertainment events and topics. Hosted by Ryan, Dee and Ronnie with regular special guests.

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“This Round’s On Us”

AJ and Anthony tackle the week’s pop culture topics while having a few drinks.

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The Barbershop Podcast (Indie Creative Network)’


Unsolicited opinions and terrible advice from three men who have life figured the f*** out.

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The GPG Podcast GPG

Four friends give their unique take on life and pop culture.

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We Bringin Love Back Podcast


THREE faithful black men trying to bring love back. Our generation is completely lost when it comes to love. We want to spread the message while being ourselves.

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Last Row in the Bleachers


Last Row in the Bleachers is our signature Sports Podcast created by Ryne Hancock and Courtnee “Wop” Owen.  iTunes and Google Player channel is the same as DCIP above. Episodes will be labeled “Last Row” (older episodes labeled as “Hot Takes”)