Guilty Pleasures: Albums We’re Ashamed of Liking

I know you’ve used the quote “To Each, it’s own” to justify a liking something the general consensus has deemed as terrible or unworthy acknowledgement. We do it everyday. It’s ok we all like shitty stuff from time to time. We can’t explain our attraction to it but it’s there. Especially when music is involved. There are bands that you’re proud to be fans of so much so you’d yell it from a mountain top. Then there’s that other band that you have saved under a more respectable name in your iTunes library. You know that band that you shamed in front of your friends but when you were alone you were dancing like Molly Ringwold in The Breakfast Club. For example, you’re driving down the road and Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” comes on, you roll your windows up and turn the music up a little more. First you’re just tapping rhythmically on the steering wheel then you start lip syncing the words. Next thing you know you’re yelling “FEW TIMES I’VE BEEN AROUND THAT TRACK” at the top of you’re lungs at a stop light and yes, people see you. No need to feel ashamed about it though. We’re all weak when it comes to music. Maybe its the beat or the lyrics. You’re so intrigued by that artist or band that you go as far as maybe buying their album and thats when the shame sets in. You start liking more than just that one catchy tune. Now you’re thinking to yourself  “Am I a fan?”

And that’s why it’s called a guilty pleasure.

Ronnie and I have compiled our top 5 guilty please albums

Sky’s 5:

1. Project Pat – Crook By Da Book


Now Pat is a legend in the south. He gave us Gorilla Pimp so naturally anything else he’d drop would be gold. He’s no where near lyrical and there’s nothing to relate but dammit the beats and funny subject matter was enough to keep me interested. When he got released from prison in 2005, he gave us yet another hood gem. I mean you can’t expect much “Good Googly Moogly” is a song title.

2. Chief Keef – Finally Rich


Just blame Young Chop and the young man talking on the intro to Love Sosa for me listening to this album still.

3. Lil Boosie – Super Bad


I cant give you a real reason why I have this album. I really cant tell you how much i’ve listened to “Levi’s”. Maybe I like it because Webbie washed Boosie and Jeezy on “Better Believe It”. For the record Boosie got some gems whether yall wanna admit it or not.

4.  Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special/Bluestars


Smh… I tried to blame this on being a young sex charged teen but I turned it on recently and still loved everything about both of those Pretty Ricky albums. I remember walking out of bestbuy with this album and saying “Ooooooooooo shit” when the first track came on. I feel sick…

5. Gwen Stefani – LAMB


I still don’t know why someone would give me this album. Im so ashamed that I love it. I even like “Bubble Pop Electric” with Andre 3000 and that song is awful. Only God Can Judge Me

Ron’s 5:

1. Waka Flocka Flame-Flockaveli


Niccolo Flockaveli made his major label debut in 2010 and for what it was, it was a decent album. But that’s not why it’s here. I think this album is a (coon) classic. The lyrics are TERRIBLE and not even in some hip hop purists way, but TERRIBLE even for a trap album. Not to mention, this album features the funniest guest features ever.

Let’s go down the list:

YG Hootie, Joe Moses, Suge Gotti & Baby Bomb, Popa Smurf, Ice Burgandy, Kebo Gotti, Bo Deal, Mouse, Cartier Kitten and RA Diggs

This is like the Justice League of extremely trash rappers but Waka has assembled them for this one album. The incredible level of trash is masked by Flocka’s undeniable energy and a collection of Lex Luger’s best work (remember him?)

2. Lil Flip-U Gotta Feel Me


Lil Flip’s largest claim during the making of this album was that he didn’t write any rhymes. You damn right you didn’t and we can tell.

“I’ll treat you like milk baby, do nothing but spoil you”. Yikes

Either way it goes, this album has some joints on here.

3. Eminem-Relapse


There’s bagpipes, a fake Irish voice and even mimicking of a puppet dog…but I still think this is one of Em’s most lyrical albums. True, some songs on here just completely suck ass but when he’s on, he’s the Eminem of old

4. Common-Electric Circus


After exploring the murky abyss that is Erykah Badu’s vagina, Common follows up the criminally underrated Like Water for Chocolate with this ambitious album. It has every element you would expect from a good album: 1) Great lead single, 2) J. Dilla…but…this album is complete ass. I actually have no clue why I even like. I hate myself for even liking. This is seriously one of the worst albums ever…but I still like it.

Why is it such a bad album?


This. No negro who wears an outfit made out of the lining of a 1980s briefcase will ever make a good album. It’s no way you go inside of Erykah Badu and come out the same man. This album is proof.

5. tAtu-200 kilometers in the wrong lane


Yea…um…I have no excuse for this one. We could fight if you want. If you want to make something out of this we can. I can feel your judgement while reading this and I really dont care for it. This album jams. Disagree and your mother is a whore. I don’t care (3x)


What’s your 5?


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