Locking Down Your Stay with Options Away

We all know that there seems to be some Russian logarithm to booking flights. You can hit the refresh button and in an instant your perfect available 1 stop flight to All-Star weekend can change into a 3 hour delay with a connecting flight in Manhattan….Kansas.

The folks over at Options Away can help with that by locking in the ticket price and itinerary for you.  All you do is search the flight you want, and they’ll hold it for you from anywhere from $6-$40 for up to 14 days.They also notify you when the price drops and if the find you a better deal. Just book when you’re ready and if you decide not to, then do nothing. However, you do lose the hold charge.

Here’s an example of how it works. Let’s say you want to book a flight for a later date but you aren’t completely committed.

Enter your booking info. Just like any other site.

screenshot-www.optionsaway.com 2015-05-18 15-42-24

And let’s say you want to take this flight on Spirit Airlines, because apparently you hate yourself.

screenshot-www.optionsaway.com 2015-05-18 15-43-42

All you have to do is lock in this booking for a small fee.

screenshot-www.optionsaway.com 2015-05-18 15-44-09

And viola. You only pay the fare if you choose to book the flight. Otherwise, you just keep that holding fee. Simple.

screenshot-www.optionsaway.com 2015-05-18 15-44-38

Small price to pay and its way better than having to take  EskimoAir to Miami.


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