The King of Cool: My Favorite Don Draper Moments

All good things must come to and end. Mad Men sure was a fun ride, wasn’t it? No matter how much of a self-absorsed womanizing asshole he may be, there’s no denying that Don Draper is the coolest TV character ever.

Here’s a few of my favorite Don Draper moments:

1. “It’s Toasted”

When you’re down in the 4th quarter, just give the ball to ya boy Draper. I have a confession: I had to watch the pilot episode, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”, three times. I was almost ready to give up. I was almost ready to decide that Mad Men wasn’t for me. On this third try, I finished the episode though and got the chance to see Don make this wonderful game saving pitch. The rest was history.

2. The Letter. Yes, that letter.

Above, Don Draper made the game saving pitch that won the Lucky Strike account. Now, he took a sledgehammer right to that same account by making his “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco” a front page story. Everyone else is pissed and can’t understand why it was done.

Don is told that Senator Ted Kennedy is on the phone for him. What does he do?

Take a puff of his cigarette and leaves the room.

3. Birth of the Legend

I love this scene because here’s where Don Draper leaves his human state of mortality and becomes Supreme Swaglord Donald Draper. He makes himself the face (and celebrity) of his firm Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce.

4. Prose Before Hoes 

Supreme Swaglord Don Draper tells his new sidepiece that love doesn’t exist but “it’s created by guys like me”. Unfortunately, this may have been the only woman Don Draper ever truly loved, romantically at least.

5. The Merger 

In an act of defeat, Ted and Don share a drink at a bar in Detroit. They both know it’s over, they’re not big enough to handle the account. Then, it happens. Ted and Don decide that if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them.

6. “But what is happiness!?!?”

Don wants more. Nothing is ever enough for him, that’s why he’s Don Draper. So after having a meeting set up with Dow Chemical, where he shouldn’t have a chance, he delivers a rousing speech.

There’s plenty more favorite Don moments that are absent here. I probably could go on forever. There’s “That’s what the money is for!!!!” or him falling asleep with one woman in his bed then waking up with a totally different one. Many great moments. And thank you for them all, Don.


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