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New World Water

Hip-hop personally means a lot to me. During my short lifespan, it’s been great seeing so many artists progress and rise up the ranks. We’ve gone through several generations, each of which has had their own signature MC. This artist usually started off as a relatively unknown guy who created tons a buzz by a guest verse or debut. I remember exactly what I was doing the first time I heard Dead Presidents by Jay-Z. I remember being blown away by Lupe’s guest verse on “Touch the Sky”. I also remember downloading some album named “Kendrick Lamar EP” and instantly being impressed.

There’s good music and there’s GREAT music. When you hear it, you just know. Well I had this same feeling listening to The Water[s] by Mick Jenkins, so I’ll take a few moments to tell you why I think he’s up next.

I heard of him before, but honestly, I never gave him a listen. When The Water[s] dropped, I figured this was the opportunity. First, let me explain why I loved this album. It’s pretty much one of my favorite Mos Def tracks stretched out over the length of a full project.

Just in case you were stumped, yes, this entire album is about water. Mick calls it “the healing component”. I know what you’re thinking…Water!? An entire album about water??? How boring!

Actually, this is where Mick prevails. He’s the total package of an MC. He takes a concept, wraps it up in social consciousness, but you can still bob your head to it or bump it in the whip.

He gets it. He gets how to make the song with the message entertaining.

Not bragging on my region, but The South is the uncontested leader of simple yet catchy hooks. I contribute this to Mick being born in Huntsville, AL and bouncing between there and Chicago during his lifetime. I’ve always thought of Chicago as the Southern city of the Midwest (No? See Crucial Conflict and Do or Die) so this really has a huge influence on his sound.

Even beyond his hooks, it’s been an extremely long time since I’ve heard an MC as precise as he is. Let me share a few of my favorite lines from the album 2015-05-22 16-46-41

Actually, the whole verse on “Martyrs” is nasty, can’t post just one line.

His rough delivery and MC presence makes him seem like he’s a seasoned vet, and he’s just now getting started. So what’s next for Mick?

The Wave[s] EP is dropping soon. It’s described as being lighter than The Water[s] but you can still expect the same quality. It’ll be exciting to see if Mick can live up to his promising potential.

PS, still not too late to catch up. Check out The Water[s] and Trees and Truths below.

“Get your house in order, we like two men in a truck – it’s a movement”


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