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The Quiet Riot: Young Fathers

Monitoring the Mercury Awards is a great way to keep your ear open to Europe’s music scene. If you win this coveted award, success is probably on the way. Past winners included James Blake, Artics Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, and the xx just to name a few.

So in a year where the category for the main prize included names such as Damon Albarn and FKA Twigs, it came as no surprise that Young Fathers won. Wait, who?

Actually, that was pretty much everyone’s response. After releasing an album that only sold 2400 copies, their only response was “this changes nothing” after accepting their awards.


They didn’t even crack a smile. And while the Gorillaz front-man, Damon Albarn, was left extremely pissed, Young Fathers made sure they left everyone with a memorable performance to let the world know who they are.

So who are Young Fathers? Well…there’s no way way to group them. They make a special brand of tribal, low-fi, hip-hop rock…something you’ve probably never heard before.

Young Fathers are comprised of Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bankole, and G Hastins, all from Scotland. They’re quickly becoming the UK’s new sensation and it’s apparent why.


First off, the outrage over their win actually made me want to check out their album, Dead, even more. They have have to be REALLY good to be relatively unknown and beat out heavy hitters right?

Well Dead certainly isn’t for everyone, but I think if you like it, you will end up loving it.

This might be a perfect example of the Young Fathers sound. You hear aggressive drums, singing, rapping, and even a Scottish bagpipe!

Of course, after the Mercury Awards sales and streams rose tremendously. No pressure though, they followed up this success instantly with the release of White Men Are Black Men Too. Interesting title, I know.

They returned to their angry, tribal sound to deliver a message. The sound is well..riotous. This riot won’t remain quiet for much longer though, expect Young Fathers to take the US by storm any day now.

So do your homework and check out Tape I and Tape II, their first two projects, along with the albums I mentioned above.

Now I leave you with the very cool performance of “Way Down in the Hole” and “Come to Life”.


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