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Why I Was Wrong About the 2015 XXL Freshman Cover


When this dropped, I just laughed it off. The Freshman list was already getting worse every year but this may have been the most trash one ever. I know that the list had to be salvaged by promoting honorable mentions after big names such as iLoveMakonnen and Slumber Party Next Door declined but still…this is awful.

There’s Fetty Wap, your new favorite vine rapper.

Raury: A cool kid, I’m sure….but I just can’t get into his music. Plus he dresses like David Carradine on Kung-Fu.

Dej Loaf: So adorable, with that wittle “Try Me” song. I just want to pinch her cheeks.

Vince Staples: Great rapper and has been for a while. I don’t know if he’s the “star power” guy though.

Kidd Kidd: This guy is older than 400 Degreez

OG Maco: The greatest troll of 2014 and a surprisingly good rapper.

K Camp: The rapper with the name that sounds like an elementary after school program.

Tink: I think she’s The One as far as new up and coming female artists go.

Shy Glizzy: I don’t know much about him, but he rhymed awesome with possum so he’s cool with me.

And GoldLink:…Gold Link?

This addition perplexed me the most. I knew that someone on this XXL staff had to be paid of for this. When you hear Gold Link, you think of a trap rapper. 2 Chainz with one less chain. I was expecting cheesy, corny, uninspiring trap rap.

But I was wrong. We were all wrong.

Gold Link is probably my favorite rapper from this group now. Well who is Gold Link exactly?

Well, we really don’t know. He likes to hide his face, no one knows his real name, and he’s somewhere around age 21. He’s from Virginia (?). After a quick google search, I found out he was on tour with SBTRK, who’s a major player in the UK music scene. Ok, I’m interested. Then I found out that there may be a joint LP with Rick Rubin on the way. Ok, now I’m REALLY interested. Who the hell is this guy?

Well the first song of his I clicked on was “Sober Thoughts”. I haven’t looked back since then.

(video NSFW by the way)

(Oh yea, the guy can kinda sing too)

So this led me to find an album/mixtape/anything by this guy. All I found was The God Complex EP. It’s a fusion of rap, jazz, house music but it all works. It’s such a strong and unique project that it sorta justifies his inclusion despite his small sample size.

This song is probably the best example of his sound:

So with that said, I have apologies to issue. The XXL might know something we don’t on this one. Gold Link has one of the freshest sounds I’ve heard in a while. Who knows what’s next or where he’ll be next year, but as of right now, he deserves to be on the cover.

(Now this is REALLY NSFW)



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