My Favorite Albums of 2015 So Far [ PART. 2]

Yesterday, I gave a brief introduction and started my list. Here’s part 2

10. Tyler, the Creator – Cherry Bomb


Every time Tyler drops an album, we wonder if this is going to be the one that ends his buzz. Well, it’s not. Tyler showcased his great ear for production on this album. Guest features include the legendary Roy Ayers, Boys II Men and Charlie Wilson just to name a few.

9. Oddisee-The Good Fight

oddisee-the-good-fightD.C. rapper/producer Oddisee offers up one of the more surprising albums of the year. I’ve listened to him before, but this is the first album of his that really stuck with me.

8. Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo & Youth


If someone says “Lupe Fiasco is the best MC of all time” it’s legitimately hard to case a case against that. Well, unless you want to act like he stopped making music in 2007. This album isn’t a full return to his old glory but it’s a step in the right direction.

7. Jamie xx – In Colour


Beats! Dope beats!

6. Yelawolf – Love Story


This is actually a really good album but for some reason when it dropped no one cared. Yelawolf takes his wild style and mixes in country and the blues. It’s well done. GO LISTEN NOW!!!

Not to mention, “Till It’s Gone” is a damn near perfect song.

So that concludes this installment. Look out for albums 1-5 later. I will also list notable omissions and the albums to look for in the second half of 2015.


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