True Detective: Other Lives Recap

Another week. Another Recap.

Before I jump into this week’s episode, let me get this rant off. This season is getting bashed. True enough, it’s not exactly groundbreaking but it’s not THAT bad either. There’s the same slow-burning procedural formula that we’re all used to. This season is in the same format as last season, climax at episode 4 and this episode brings it back down. It moves deliberately slow because it’s giving you clues. CLUES! I mean, it is named True Detective for crying out loud.

With that said, Vince Vaughn sucks. Just thought I should mention. As we’ve seen before, this show has no problem jumping ahead in the timeline. We pick up 60 days after the Wild West shootout. Frank Seymon is all packed up and in a new home. No glass windows to stare out at the world he’s trying to take over, no annoying water spot on the ceiling to stare at. He also has a new employee, a porn-stacheless Ray Velcoro. He’s carrying out muscle duties now.

In sexual harassment therapy, we find out Ani Bezzirides’ penis preferences (pssst, call me) and we later find out she’s in the basement booking evidence. Our action hero Paul Woodrugh is still battling his own sexual harassment case while being demoted to insurance claims. It’s only been two months, but things have swiftly changed.

So let’s zip through this quickly, a lot of seemingly not important details are coming into play now. Another associate of Frank ends up mysteriously. Chessani tells Frank a while back that there was interest in the poker room. Now he says he doesn’t remember who it was but he does remember it was “foreign interest”. Frank’s right hand man Blake is often seen giggling it up with Osip, the Russian who backed out of the railroad deal after Caspere’s death. Ray follows Blake and sees him meeting with Chessani’s son, Tony, who is a pimp. There are girls there. Ray uses some great detective skills (by beating Pitlor’s ass) to get info out of him. We find out Tony provides girls for these parties where prominent men are caught in umm…compromising positions. That hard drive that Ray almost had probably has footage of these prominent mean for blackmail purposes. Oh yea, Caspere was in cahoots with all of this. Catalyst (remember that name?) also plays a part in this somehow. *Brain explodes*.

The random mention of the missing girl comes into play this episode too. Oh yea, she’s still missing. Big surprise. If I had to guess, she came up missing after one of these parties. Ani’s pissed. And she’s determined to connect these clues. No one cares, but why? What’s the cover up?

Initially I thought Vinci’s corruption was just local, but no, it goes up through the counties and then through the state. It may not even end there.

The biggest takeaway from this episode is that Ray has been in Frank’s pocket for no reason. We find out that the debt he’s been paying off isn’t really a debt, because Frank had the wrong guy. Well, he didn’t have anyone at all most likely, he just wanted a cop in his pocket. These events broke what was once a decent man in Ray so obviously, he’s pretty pissed. Hopefully this is where Frank gets shot in his ass because I can’t take another full episode of Vince Vaughn delivering what should be good lines all half-assed. If that’s not a reason to look forward to episode 6, then I’m not sure what is. I can’t wait to see Ani go undercover. Also can’t wait to see how lit these parties are. Well, minus the killings, that is.

  • My only note this week is: If Tony, Blake, and Caspere were connected, why was Caspere eliminated? And in such a horrific fashion? Is Tony Chessani or Blake Churchman the birdmasked killer? Who knows

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