True Detective: Church In Ruins Recap

Ebony is joining me again for another True Detective recap. I’ll let her start first.


So the episode this week went really fast, and I actually enjoyed it. It opened up with Ray and Frank having coffee with their guns and Frank actually making a funny “don’t you fucking shoot me Raymond.” And it ends there with Frank for me. He still sucks.

We learn a little more about the missing diamonds and how they came to be stolen: a husband and pregnant wife proprietor owned a jewelry store and they were executed during the robbery of the diamonds. The whole time, their two kids were hiding while it was going on and heard it all, but they didn’t see it.  We are shown a picture of the two kids and learn they got caught up in the foster system. Spoiler alert but I think the kids in the pic are the Chessani kids. Why else would they show us this?

Ani goes undercover as a Russian hooker and pops a Molly and starts sweating-literally and things get blurry-also literally and she starts hallucinating. I’m watching and clinching my jaws because I’m scared she is going to get raped and she doesn’t have anything to defend herself with.  These flashbacks she starts having show a man hippie man at the commune she grew up in lure her to a van and we believe he did pedophilic shit to her. Know I know why she hates men and is very detached. At first I thought it was her dad, but next week’s trailer shows her hugging her dad so I figured that couldn’t be him so I cheated and went back and watched a few episodes and I think the guy who molested Ani is the Elder Chessani cause he’s in the pic with Caspere and Pitlor. During the party Ani spots the missing girl from Episode 1 and they escape with Ray and Paul who in the meantime steal documents from the Russian and the corridor businessman that prove so shady stuff has been going on. Also, don’t know if you recognized some of the party guests but if you didn’t the Asian Attorney General is there as well as the Lt. Maybe they’re on the missing hard drive.

The sad part of this episode was Ray giving up the custody battle with his kid. He calls his ex-wife and begs her not to tell the ginger how he came into the world and starts drinking and cocaine, so there goes sobriety. I was really rooting for him and I want him to at least be the kid’s father. Even though he does a shitty job as a dad I feel like that’s his only reason for living. With that gone, he might be too.

There was a Mexican standoff with Mexicans (another good Frank quote) that Frank and his mob had. Frank is told he can get back in the corridor if he can get a hold of the missing hard-drive so he does his own police work and needs to talk to Irina (amarillo’s gf from the shootout) who pawned the diamonds. The Mexicans who he refused to make a deal with, know how to get in contact with the girl and will help Frank if he makes a deal , which he stupidly does. Frank finds out from Irina that a thin cop told her to pawn the diamonds and Frank wants to meet her to show up pics(I think he thinks its Ray). Frank & Co. show up and find Irina throat cut by the Mexicans. So Frank is screwed because he doesn’t know who the “thin cop” is and now he is in the Mexicans pocket.

Only 2 episodes left means that next week’s episode is going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back I think.

Now, before I get started, I’d like to say that this is probably the strongest episode since episode 5, The Secret Fate of All Life, of last season.

Although it starts off with the anticlimactic showdown between Ray and Frank, I think this scene ends up being rewarding. Either Frank is an amazing liar or he really doesn’t know who set Frank up. They’re both left at the table, fidgeting with their cups, just like they do at the dusty bar they meet at. Frank even tells Ray that he may be his last friend left.

Back to the shack that Ray and Ani discover, I thought this was the place where Ben Caspere’s genitalia was blown to smithereens but the guys working the crime scene says it’s female blood. Now, at this point I definitely thought it was the missing girl Vera but…we’ll get to that later.

Now, what I’ve always loved about True Detective is the subtlety. The close-up shots that scream “HEY YOU SHOULD REALLY BE PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS!!!”. Well as Eb said above, I think we got that moment when Paul is checking up on the missing diamonds. He’s talking to a cop and he’s shows a photo. The cop even gives up ages. They would be around 28 and 25 now I think? Yea, this could definitely be the Chessani kids. Also made me think it was Irina and maybe a brother but that would be unfulfilling, so let’s just hope it’s the Chessani kids for the sake of mystery.

This is usually the part of my recap where I say “Vince Vaughn sucks” but the scene with Stan’s kid was actually a better moment of the episode. We didn’t have to be mob boss guy, just provide comfort. And it worked. He still sucks though.

Let’s jump straight ahead to the sex party. That’s all I really wanna talk about. that’s why I’m here right now. This scene gets pretty terrifying quickly. It turns out to be some of the best work this season. There was a moment where I didn’t think Ani would make it out honestly. During her hallucination, there’s flashbacks from her childhood. I can’t say I’m surprised by what I saw. We also see prominent figures of Vinci and Osip there. Frank didn’t really know about this party so somebody there beyond Caspere screwed him. Ani finds her missing girl Vera and escapes with the help of Ray and Paul.

While this was an exhilarating scene, the dumbest quote of TV history is delivered.

*Tim Riggins flips though papers*

“These contracts, they have signatures all over them”

NO WAY!?! I thought contracts would have smiley faces over them. Who the hell decided to put that line in?

Anyway, we’re finally getting to the real meat of this case. While it’s been up and down and season, I can finally say I’m glad I stuck with it.

Take aways from this episode:

  • Ani tells the guys she can’t take a phone or anything in. Paul hands her a transponder and Ray says “you should stick that somewhere”. After a crazy look he says “like your shoe or something”. The subtle awkward comedy between these two have made for a good dynamic.
  • After watching this episode for a second time, I’m not sure if Irina said “thin cop” or “big cop”. She says he’s like a boss, so this would definitely eliminate Dixon. So it has to be thin cop. I was prepared to drop the hottest of hot takes and say maybe it’s Woodrugh but nah, I almost forgot all about  LA Confidential face ass Lt. Burris. He’s always been a shifty character to me. This could explain why Ray was shot with rock salt instead of being put out his misery completely. Maybe Burris just wanted to knock him off course. Plus, he wanted in on the Ray’s “murder” scene first. Yep, I’d say it’s him.


Two episodes left so stick with us. Thanks for reading so far.


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