Ron’s Most Anticipated Albums for 2016

It’s going to be really tough to top 2015. It was such a great year in music. 2016 seems promising though. Here’s my most anticipated albums of the year.


10.Anderson Paak-Malibu

This one dropped last week, and yes it’s fire. Review coming soon.

10. Gorillaz-TBA


The Gorillaz name hasn’t been used in years but Damon Albarn has been busy with his solo and Blur albums. Hopefully he can keep the streak going with Gorillaz.

9. Rae Sremmurd-Sremm Life 2


The inaugural Sremm Life was EASILY one of my favorite albums from last year. These guys have a simple formula but they excel at it. Hope this one arrives in time for the summer.

8. Blood Orange-TBA



New Dev Hynes is needed. Shame on you if you haven’t heard Coastal Grooves or Cupid Deluxe yet.

7. Pusha T-King Push


I was almost growing weary of Pusha T’s solo efforts until he dropped Darkest Before Dawn. That prequel made me mad for not waiting another week with my Album of the Year list. If he can top that, King Push might be one of the best albums of 2016.

6. Chance the Rapper-TBA


What I like most about Chance is that he’s remained true to himself. Translation: I’m so glad he never signed a major record deal.

Plus, this was a pretty cool performance.

5. Mick Jenkins-The Healing Component


Mick Jenkins is the best rapper you’ve never heard of. His first album, The Water[s] was stellar. Wave[s] EP was pretty good also. I expect this album to be undeniable.

4. TDE (Minus Kendrick and Jay Rock)


If you follow TDE’s release schedule, you know that albums from Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Isaiah Rashad are long overdue.

3. Young Thug-Hi Tunes


We all know that Young Thug can spit out melodies in no time at all. For Hi Tunes, he’s stated his intentions to carefully craft songs though. If “Pacifier” is any indication, I think he’s on the right track.

2. Drakkar Noir-Views from the 6


Views from the 6? More like Poo from the 6, am I right? Am I right! Ha!…

Ok, seriously, I’m kinda not looking forward to this album at all but I’d be lying if I said I’m not anticipating it for different reasons. I think it’s going to suck , but I want to know to what extent. I’m sure he has 12 lightskinned niggas locked up in  a room writing for him right now.


Have you seen PND lately? Of course not, he’s making Drake’s album. You saw how Makonnen got skinny all of a sudden, right? That’s because Drake devoured his soul. I hope Bryson Tiller has protection, he’s about to come up missing soon. I’m glad The Weeknd was able to escape his trap. This album will definitely be for niggas who text chicks “I saw your dude out last night…”

But if nothing else, this album will have stellar production. If nothing else.

Bonus: Here’s a quarterly twitter search of “Nobody from Toronto calls Toronto the 6


1. Kanye West-SWISH


*pulls pink polo out of closet, blows off dust*

*sends readmission application to Yeezy stan club*

Is The Goat back? I think he might be back.

I’m willing to forget about Yeezus if you are. And don’t start with that “it’s ahead of its time” crap either. Let’s just not, ok? Everything Kanye has been dropping has been FIYA lately. He’s back to whack bars that are dope because of his delivery, which is awesome, in a weird way. We didn’t need Cyhi ghostwriting for you Ye, we know you can’t rap, but you make it sound dope. I’m so ready for this album. I’m so ready to be a Kanye stan again. Don’t let me down. Do it for the bear. Don’t forget the bear, Ye.

Honorable Mentions:

Big Sean

Vic Mensa

J. Cole

Frank Ocean

Donald Glover




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