Deadpool: The Comic Movie We All Deserve


If you know me, you already know I grew up with X-Men. Mutants have a special place in my heart, specifically Logan. I’ve always loved that Wolverine’s storyline has been explored. What I don’t appreciate is how shitty these movies have been. X-Men Origins: Wolverine seriously might be the worst damn comic movie ever. EVER. We get our first glimpse of the legendary character Deadpool and it was very disappointing.

How in the hell are you going to take a character nicknamed “Merc with a Mouth” and sew his damn mouth shut! How!? Even Reynolds himself stated, “Hey, this may piss a lot of people off” only to have his job threatened if he didn’t shut his mouth in more ways than one.

Seriously, how did that conversation go among Fox execs?:

“Hey, we need some more random ass characters non-canon ass timeline”-Asshole #1

*Opens Marvel Encyclopedia* “What about this Deadpool guy? The Merc with a Mouth”-Asshole #2

“You know what would be cool?” Asshole #1 asks as he gets a mustard stain on his Hawaiian print shirt. He doesn’t care; he applies another packet of mustard to his half-eaten hotdog.

“No, but I’m all ears” says Asshole #2, unaware he’s about to become the most enabling jackass in history.

“Let’s sew his damn mouth shut!”-Asshole #1 exclaims, without the foresight than he will be searching for a new job after this movie bombs.


In this horrible ass movie, he’s referred to The Deadpool because he’s a pool of mutant powers. WTF? Now you’re probably wondering what would make Ryan Reynolds accept such a shitty role? Well, he was also the star of Green Latern, so no one knows shit like him. He was also “promised” a Deadpool solo movie in the future.  Although this movie was horrible, at least the right man was picked for the job. Deadpool himself actually already had Reynolds in mind for the role when he described his physical appearance as “Ryan Reynolds crossed with a shar-pei”.

Well the Deadpool solo movie almost never happened. Understandably so, after seeing how shitty he was in Wolverine: Origins. Seriously, how are you going to sew the mouth shut on a guy who has the nickname Merc with a Mouth!!?! Sorry, just had to mention that if I haven’t already. Many directors and writers put their hands on this project but ultimately it was shelved. After being stuck in movie production purgatory for years, test footage leaked online(by Ryan Reynolds himself, possibly. Ok, it was him.). Within months, the wheels were in motion.

marvel-comics-killing-off-deadpoolSo who is Deadpool? Why is he so endeared? Well Deadpool is an inside joke from two writers who just so happened to be DC fans. His name is Wade Wilson, to poke fun at Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, and he’s been used a a vessel to speak directly to the audience by breaking the fourth wall. Like Wolverine, Deadpool was subjected to the Weapon X program, which gave him accelerated healing abilities. Wade Wilson was already an extremely skilled combatant and mercenary but those abilities were enhanced as well.

He loves crude humor and plays by his own rules. He’s an X-Men affiliate and has led the X-Force and is now a member of The Avengers.


So does this movie honor this iconic character? Yes! Hell Yes!

Although this movie almost never happened, has a no name director and a teeny tiny budget, it excels in every way. The grassroots approach to this movie is actually what helps it stay true to its origins. There was little influence to change the story. They also had leverage to fight for the R-rating that a Deadpool movie deserves.

In the past, we’ve had to endure comic book movies that had to be watered down to accommodate all age ranges. Understandably so though, right? If Marvel (Disney) is going to shell out millions of dollars, they have full intentions of EVERYONE seeing. Then there’s going to be lots of merch produced. Cross branding, etc. While a Deadpool ride at Disney World would be awesome, I don’t think we’ll see a group of 9 year olds on that one.

This movie was made for the true comic fan. Or maybe even the grown-up lover of comic movies who needs adult content. While the movie lacks in big budget CGI and effects, it doesn’t skimp on the action and laughs. Ryan Reynolds is playing the role he was indeed born to play, sorry Van Wilder. His passion for the project shows throughout the movie. It’s also great that he’s unafraid to make himself the butt of jokes. I won’t spoil any for you, I promise.

Great performances from other actors made this movie work also. TJ Miller is hilarious as usual as Weasel. Deadpool’s strange relationship with Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) also provides plenty of humorous moments. And I usually, ok always, hate romantic interests in most hero movies because they seem forced. But every moment Ryan Reynolds shared on screen with Morena Baccarin was golden. The love story doesn’t get in the way of the action either.

So what makes this movie different from other comic movies? The demands were made by the fans and well…the demands were met. Ryan Reynolds always maintained interaction with the Deadpool heads of the world. His love for the character helped push this along. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more perfect actor for a comic book role.

What’s awesome is that the support has also matched the demand for this movie. 135 million makes it the biggest opening for any R-rated movie EVER. We don’t even have to ask if there’s going to be a sequel. It’s already been confirmed and will be in production soon.

I have no clue what the sequel could even be about…









No clue at all…


Not the faintest idea…


But hopefully Cable appears in some capacity. That would be cool.

So thank you Ryan Reynolds, for having your mouth sewn shut so this beautiful movie could happen. Especially considering that big wig execs thought it couldn’t happen or would even be profitable. This shows that you can make a superhero movie true to its material without having to put some spin on it.  We got the comic movie we all deserve but never thought we would get.




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