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Ron’s Favorite Albums of 2016 (So Far)

Hard to believe we’re almost to the midpoint of the year but here we are. As usual, I’m here to offer my useless opinion about the best, excuse me, my favorite albums of the year. (Changing verbiage to avoid pontification)

My disclaimer still stands the same as it does every year: 1) This is simply my opinion 2) I haven’t listened to every album this year, so there’s sure to be some notable omissions 3) There are albums I simply didn’t like, so there’s sure to be some notable omissions. 4) I’m a huge Kendrick fan but I’m not even taking a B-sides album into consideration.

Honorable Mention

Here are a few albums that are still worthy of a few spins but didn’t quite make my top 10 list.

Rihanna – Anti

Bas – Too High to Riot

2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – ColleGrove

BJ the Chicago Kid – In My Mind

Jazz Cartier-Hotel Paranoia 

Domo Genesis – Genesis

Now…The list…

10. Jace – The Jace Tape

Jace and the Two-9 collective have been releasing fire for years now but his might just be the best project from them yet.

9.  Jerreau – Never How You Plan

Jerreau, the front man of Ohio based Fly.Union, decided to step out on his own to release his solo debut. What he made was a pretty dope album that also serves as Lebron’s pregame warm-up music.

8. Skepta – Konnichiwa 

I know that Brit rap/Grime still ain’t hittin over here across the pond but it should be. If you’re interested in seeing if Grime is for you, Skepta should be a good starting place. He’s being championed as the chosen one of this movement and this album is his declaration.

7. Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

Read my review of this album here.

6. Beyonce – Lemonade 


I’ve made it no secret that I’m no fan of Beyonce’s music. I’ve attacked her creativity, artistry, and even the god(dess)-like reputation she has somehow earned. But now, I see. Sure the impact of Lemonade was boosted by the visual aid, but it was still brilliant and gripping nonetheless. Sure some things were put on this album to get the people talking but hey, isn’t it working?

All in all, I’m left impressed by this album because it’s almost impossible to get my stubborn ass to do a 180 on anything once my mind is made up.

5. Kaytranada – 99.9%

Producer albums are typically hit and miss with me, no matter how dope I think the producer is. And even though I think Kaytranada is an extremely dope producer, I still wasn’t expecting THIS. 99.9% is one of the finer albums of the year and should be your go-to for summer road trips.

4. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool


While this isn’t Radiohead’s best effort, it’s still of Radiohead quality. Like most Radiohead albums, I’m sure I’m going to love this one more and more with every listen. This rating might change my the year’s end.

3. Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book

I love this album so much. I love it so much that as I was typing up a review for it I began to notice that I was rambling and repeating myself. In short: It’s a fun, joyful album that puts you in a feel-good mood with every listen.

2. Anderson Paak – Malibu

Anderson Paak is making a T-Pain esque run right now, he simply can’t lose. Everything he touches is fire and Malibu is no different. I urge you to check this album out if you haven’t already.

1. Gallant – Ology

This album serves as my testament that you need to explore the full library of your streaming service. That little tab that says “Related Artists”..yea, use that. Those recommendations you receive based on your listening preferences, check those out.

Anyway, one day, after having absolutely nothing to listen to, I clicked the Browse tab on Spotify and scrolled the new releases. This album cover made me curious so I clicked it. I wasn’t expecting something this good.

Gallant is a singer who makes alternative R&B. Hopefully this album gains more steam because you wont hear anything else quite like it this year.



And that concludes my list. Feel free to give me your personal list or recommend any albums you think I missed.





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