Flawless featuring Jesse Williams

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a few Days ago Jesse Williams proved both why he is bae and why team light skin continues to prosper despite Drake’s best efforts to smear the reputation of our lighter hued brethren. If you’ve only seen the handful of quotes floating about from his speech, it’s hard to tell if this was an essay, a guest feature on a Kendrick Lamar album, or the winning piece at your local poetry slam.

None the less, in a matter of a few minutes he managed to

  • Explain why black lives matter > all lives matter, and why you can have several seats if you disagree
  • Celebrate black women, and hold you accountable if you’re not doing the same
  • Make some fancy word play about brands
  • And implore all of y’all to wake up and join the movement


All this to say, if you haven’t seen this speech you definitely should watch it. And if you have seen this speech and thought it would make perfect Beyonce intro then you’re in luck. Because someone else did too and here it is. (Credit goes to Jet Cessant). Now go return those name brand clothes you bought, buy the closest black queen to you a caramel macchiato just because, and get in formation. cuz Jesse Williams said so.  


Also I can’t wait for sci/fi and fantasy geeks to get their hands on the ‘just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real’ quote. Sounds like something Dumbledore would say. #wizardlivesmatter #snape #fred #jamesandlily #saytheirnames. ok I’m done.


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