#TweetThroughIt – Pokemon Trap: A Love Story Part 1

Oh Internet, you never cease to amaze me. Let's have some fun combining rap with Pokemon like no one ever asked.

Oh Internet, you never cease to amaze me.

No, seriously, the internet is a wonderful place full of very creative, talented people, especially lurking on the Twitters. See, a few weeks ago a photo circulated of Gucci Mane and now fiancee Keyshia Dior in what looks like a locker room (possibly the Hawks locker room post-engagement?). Twitter, being Twitter, prompted someone to state the following:


So of course, your creative types started moving on social media and user @raveyrai drew the following:


So it got me thinking: Nintendo/Gamefreak just released Pokemon Sun and Moon last month and introduced a ton of new mechanics and twists to the game’s formula. So why not get a sense of what it would be like if our favorite rappers/R&B artists had their own gym? @Raveyrai started a thread that features Solange Knowles’ team, I suggest you check it out, meanwhile…

Tupelo Gym – Rae Sremmurd


Specialty: Speed

Trae Lee, Lee Sway it’s the same difference. Instead of basing their team around a type, a decided to base them around a trait: speed. I don’t know why I associate them with speed, I just do.  It’s a double battle, they lead with the Dark/Fighting type Scrafty and the Fire/Flying Talonflame, Weavile, Arcanine and Rapidash round out the team with Mega Pidgeot as their ace. You won’t outspeed them, better bring a tank.

Starboy Gym – The Weeknd


Specialty: Ice-Types

The Weeknd gets lovable Gen 1 seal Dewgong, tanky Beartic and Avalugg, the Alolan Ninetales and Crabominable for Sun and Moon and has Mega Glalie as his ace.

If the joke is lost on you then we don’t really need to talk any further, do we? Cocaine.

Yonkers Gym – DMX

Specialty: Dogs

In game, he’d be pretty easy to beat. You need a bunch of fighting types to take out Granbull, Stoutland, Mightyena and Mega Houndoom, but damn if this isn’t a cool team. Couldn’t decide whether or not Earl would have a Mega Houndoom or Mega Lucario as his Ace, but I figured Houndoom is more of his style….the dark typing and everything. Michael Vick is one of his trainers.

Toronto Gym – Drake


Specialty – Various

I couldn’t go with one type or theme here because there are so many for Drake. So many. We’ll start with Torkoal, specifically Ash’s, who had a penchant for being emotional/crying all the doggone time. Torkoal would probably represent “Marvin’s Room” Drake. Jigglypuff is a double rep here, the “softness” that people usually associate with Drake and his love of singing even though it’s not always necessary. Jynx represents his obsession for Nicki, Mr. Mime represents people knocking him for mimicking people’s styles, Pheromosa represents Rhianna and Mespirit is the PokeGod of Emotions. So there you go.

Monticello Ave Gym – D.R.A.M.


Specialty: ???

D.R.A.M. is the most chill dude on the scene right now in terms of rap, there is not one serious track on his album “Big Baby DRAM”, it’s just fun. His team would represent that, with Alolan Exeggutor, Tangrowth and Dugtrio representing the hair, Ludicolo and Sudowoodo representing his carefree personality and Kommo-O because I’m sure he would just have a powerful fighting type ready to sweep what’s left of your team.

Tabihathee Gym – Chris Brown


Specialty: Come on, it’s fighting type

Breloom gives him speed, Machamp, Pangoro and Primeape give him power, Toxicroak gives him the ability to wear you down and broken Ultra Beast Buzzwole is his Ace.

All Lives Matter Gym – G-Eazy


Specialty: Yours

G-Eazy gets 3 dittos and a Smeargle, so he can copy your pokemon and then copy your moves.

Detroit Gym – Big Sean


Specialty: They’re all short

Get it? Cause he’s not really big, he’s small. Included Wishiwashi’s school form for reference, because that’s the only part of Wishiwashi that’s useful. Every Pokemon on this list is under 3 feet tall and he’s got a nice bit of type-diversity to counter your short jokes. Kartana the Ultra-Beast is his ace. You’d probably run into him as the 4th or 5th gym leader.

Hope you enjoyed this, we’ll go for Elite Four next time, including….


(Credit to Redditor BreX5 on Beyonce image)


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