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#BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions: Make Black Twitter Great Again

Buzzfeed will have a post like this up in the morning, but like Ray J, remember, we did it first.

Buzzfeed will have a post like this up in the morning, but like Ray J, remember, we did it first.

Black twitter is magic.

It is life.

And it has done it again.

Black folks have a way with taking truly hateful and vile motives and laughing, and joking about it in manners that are rarely duplicated.

If you’re not aware, some members of the new Nazi group, who the media affectionately refers to as the “Alt-Right”, decided they would aim to cause chaos in the black community by infiltrating black twitter. I don’t have time to go into how flawed of a concept this is, but I’ll let them explain their intentions:

Now, bear in mind that trying to “disrupt” the black community by trying to blend in with a small percentage of that group on a social media platform is the equivalent of burning a few “O” magazines and thinking you’re going to ruin Oprah’s empire. Well hey, no one said KKK-LITE was smart.

So ridiculous plot aside, what’s sad is these people actually tried to do research on the phenomenon of Black Twitter and failed horrendously. It’s almost like they stereotyped a whole community based off a few preconceived notions developed through fear mongering and irrational hate! Every attempt they make to fit in has gone horribly wrong. When one does attempt to infiltrate, it’s more painfully obvious than Team Rocket’s disguises.

Well Black Twitter responded with the hashtag #BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions, poking and prodding at the motives of the Nazi group while rehashing some of the greatest moments in Black Twitter history.

You’re not here for this though, you want Tweets. Well if anyone is gonna profit on Black creativity, it’s gonna be a collection of short to average sized black men and their slightly more sensible female cowriters….or really WordPress cause we don’t get enough viewers to sell ads. Also, the point of the hashtag is NOT to answer the Verification Questions, numbskulls.

Like remember that time ol’ buddy got them hands after spending half the video talking about where he from:

Or the importance of the cost of the first date

The one time a chick recanted her story about a prostitute and her pimp, which really should be a movie:

Remember that guy from early Black Twitter who was the original parody account?

A recent favorite from the young lady who tried to overemphasize black people’s spending power…

If you’re going to fisticuffs over Kobe Bryant, where do you go?

That one time BET thought #AskDraya was a good idea

Since Black people were largely supporting a socialist in sheep’s clothing (according to the facist party of America), here’s a neat tweet about income disbursement.

and lastly a Tweet about Karma

@DatGirl_ICEY said she never gets on these kinds of lists, so…

Now tell Buzzfeed they owe us money if they use any of the previous tweets….and I guess the tweeter too.


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