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I’m always so late on everything, or at least I assume I’m late because I don’t like to be THAT guy that says he’s discovered something especially when the something in question has been around for years. I’m talking about Triple J’s Like A Version youtube webcast. Like A Version is a webcast from the Australian radio show Triple J that features artists covering their favorite songs every friday. They’ve featured artists from Childish Gambino to The Internet, while also bringing little known bands to the attention of thousands of possible new fans.

Below I’ve listed my favorite performances:

  1. The Art Of Sleeping Covers “Hotline Bling” by Drake


  1. The Internet Covers “Tape You” by NERD


  1. Childish Gambino Covers “So Into You” by Tamia


  1. The Rubens Cover/Mashup “King Kunta” and “Hello” by Kendrick Lamar and Adele


  1. E^ST Covers “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve


  1. Jarryd James Covers “Say It Aint So” by Weezer
  1. Cub Sport Covers “Ultra Light Beam” by Kanye West

It’s always kinda dope when someone covers your track and does it better or adds a different element to it. YOU WON’T TELL ME THAT ULTRALIGHT BEAM COVER AINT FLAMES!!! (excuse me). Hopefully this makes you tune in or subscribe to Triple J’s youtube channel.


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