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UAB Productions Releases Low Ceilings Vol. 2, 7th Anniversary Edition

Back in 2010 the mixtape to change all college mixtapes was released. It was an epic record that stole the hearts of millions.

UAB Productions consists of rappers Richie NoDoze (then went by ATL), Baron Amato (then went by El Beezy), Chris Fogg (then known as Chris Nasty) and features appearances from Kylla Cam, C-Teezy and iDaly Maceano. It was produced entirely by DJ Ryan with an old toshiba laptop, microphone stand and filter, and Audacity.

The first mixtape was released in 2009 and got a small amount of attention as a parody mixtape, the 2nd edition was released in April of 2010 and received positive feedback and several thousand downloads.

Since then all parties have gone on to do their own thing musically, NoDoze, Amato, Maceano and Fogg are still active as artists and their music has since evolved. But you can listen to where they all got started putting out their first collective project below. Streaming and downloads are available.

24 tracks are featured on the re-release, including a majority of the tracks updated sonically or edited/cut to remove excess (4 minutes of the original intro were cut) along with a few standout songs from the original mixtape as well as some bonus cuts.


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