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Favorites of the NFL’s Final Four?

Which of the NFL's Final Four teams has the best chance to hoist the Lombardi next month?

Now that the ____ have emerged victorious in Kansas City, the NFL’s Final Four is set. The Falcons get to host one last game in the Georgia Dome against the Packers, and the Patriots and __ will face off for the AFC Title in Foxboro. It’s hard to believe that the season has come down to the end already, but it’s the most exciting part of football. After a thriller like Dallas and Green Bay, I’m not sure our remaining matchups can get much better, okay, I lied, we’re in for one hell of a treat.

Let’s check each team’s odds to win it all shall we?

New England Patriots: 

Vegas Super Bowl Odds: 7 to 5

KWC Super Bowl Winning Percentage Using SuperMath* Technologies: 33.8%


Why they have a shot: Uh. Bill Belicheck? Seriously, the guy is going to outcoach you at every turn, so you better just make sure you can keep up with him offensively. He knows how to outscheme you and create mismatches against your personnel, even when Brady is off, Belicheck knows how to make sure of his players and make things happen. There’s not an NFC team that can do to Brady what the Texans did, so they’ve got a pretty good chance of winning it all if they can get there.

What might stop them: Pressure. The Patriots didn’t get “exposed” so to speak against Houston, just really highlighted a flaw that a lot of people knew. If you get to Brady, you can beat Brady. The Chiefs can do this, which is why Patriots fans better hope they don’t see them.

What I think will happen: We’re going to see New England in the Super Bowl. Again. This time there isn’t an Eli Manning to stop them. Still, they’re not invincible and could get tripped up by the right team. Either potential Super Bowl opponent would be a fun matchup for them.

Atlanta Falcons:

Vegas Super Bowl Odds: 3 to 1

KWC Super Bowl Winning Percentage Using SuperMath* Technologies: 31.3%


Why they have a shot: They’re the hottest offense in the league and Matt Ryan has been not only playing lights out, but not making the boneheaded interceptions that he used to be prone to throwing. Atlanta has weapons and they will make use of every single one of them against you. Taking Julio out the gameplan? Doesn’t matter, Sanu has sure hands, Gabriel will blow past you and Hooper has become a reliable possession TE in the flats. Both running backs can turn 2 yard dashes into 10 yard gains and are solid route runners both lined up at the LOS and out the backfield. This team set a record for number of players to catch a TD pass, that should say something about their versatility. Defensively they’re built to play with the lead and are running on bandages, but they’ve been able to make this makeshift defense work without its leader in Desmond Trufant.

What might stop them: The defense. Adrian Clayborn is now out for the rest of the run and has been Atlanta’s second most consistent pass rusher outside of Beasley. They tend to keep a rotation on the D-Line, but that’s still a huge piece to go missing. They’re playing Nickel packages that contain Robert Alford, Jalen Collins and Bryan Poole, and while each of them have their strengths, they are susceptible to the double move. They’ve got as good of a shot as anyone in the Super Bowl, but getting passed Rodgers is going to be their most daunting task.

What I think will happen: If Atlanta makes the Super Bowl, color them my favorite to win it all. I know I’m biased, but I just think that this team is so well put together offensively and has been able to just make things work no matter what defensively. They can pressure your QB when they’re in the lead and force a mistake or two out of you, not necessarily a turnover, just a hurried throw here or there to create 3rd and long situations. Getting through the Packers is key.

Green Bay Packers 

Vegas Super Bowl Odds: 10 to 1

KWC Super Bowl Winning Percentage Using SuperMath* Technologies: 20.8%

Rodgers vs DAL 11517.jpg

Why they have a shot: Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers. They’re also fortunate to have Aaron Rodgers who is good at Aaron Rodgers, but most importantly Aaron Rodgers. Defense is okay, but Aaron Rodgers is great. Ty Mongtomery is pretty damn versatile too and is actually such an overlooked weapon. He can line up at WR, run great routes, block efficiently on the LOS and in the backfield, can run the football and is patient enough to be able to read his runs. Aaron Rodgers too.

What might stop them: Everyone not named Aaron Rodgers, specifically on defense.

What I think will happen: Atlanta is the only team that can keep pace with a dialed in Aaron Rodgers, if they make the Super Bowl, they win. Simple as that to me. Rodgers is a player that not even Bill Beli could create a gameplan to shut down.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Vegas Odds: 9 to 1

KWC Super Bowl Winning Percentage Using SuperMath* Technologies: 14.1%Team Rocket vs Chiefs.jpg

Why they have a shot: LeVeon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown, the killer Bs as they call them. They can strike from anywhere at any time and score from anywhere on the field. LeVeon Bell is the most patient running back in the game and is an exercise in patience every time he gets the ball. While the defense isn’t the Steelers Defense of old, they’re good enough to get the job done and should be respected. James Harrison is still a presence to pressure your quarterback and drop back in coverage.

What might stop them: Playing like they did against Kansas City, couldn’t finish drives and had to rely on Boswell. Which is fine if your defense can rise to the occasion, but they won’t get Alex Smith every week (who is a solid QB in himself). As a matter of fact they have to go up against 2 of the league’s best QBs no matter who they face in the Super Bowl. They have to be able to keep up.

What I think will happen: They’ve got a good shot to beat New England and I honestly think they will. Can get enough pressure on Brady, the first meeting was closer than it looked and that was without Roethlisberger. They lose the Super Bowl though, regardless of who they face.


Falcons over Steelers in Super Bowl 51.


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