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The Young Pope Arrives When We Need Him the Most

This is usually the section where I introduce a show to you, tell you what it’s about, and then, why you need to watch it.

  • First, the name of this show is The Young Pope.
  • Second, what is this show about? A pope? A young one?

I’ll tell you what little I do know. This show picks up right after Lenny Belardo (Jude Law)is appointed as the new Pope. He’s the youngest pope ever and people know little about him.

If nothing else, the show is visually stunning. Nothing on TV currently is remotely close.

  • Third, why do you need to see this show?

Well, where do I start? If I tell you that you need to watch this show simply because you won’t know what the hell it’s about would you listen? I hope so. I’m typically a plot driven guy. I like my shows to go from A to B. I enjoy story arcs, character development yaddi, yaddi, yadda.


But I fell in love with this show because the first hour of it is about absolutely nothing at all. You see Jude Law in his glorious white hat just stuntin’ on the Vatican. Not much really happens after that. Nothing. This isn’t a spoiler because it’s a minor detail, but he spends 15 minutes of this episode trying to get a Cherry Coke Zero to start his day and he’s laying into everyone until he gets it. His character is introduced as a guy going out of his way to be a dickhead simply because he can.

This first hour makes me want to travel down the rabbit hole even more. This show is so utterly ridiculous that I often had to ask myself “Wait, can they do this?”. It takes a serious institution such as the Vatican but adds an air of levity that makes it satirical in nature. Judging by the trailers, I was expecting more House of Cards than Veep but this super-indulgent, hyperbolic ridiculousness plays better on screen. The experience is much more enriching if you view it that way, also. It’s ok to laugh at this. I think it’s meant to be funny, I think.

There’s one major reason why I love The Young Pope, though. It’s because it’s right on time. This Friday, America’s first tangerine will be sworn into office. The Executive Branch of the United States, much like the Vatican, is supposed to be a serious institution that lays the law of the land. Human Pimento Cheese Spread and Lenny Belardo are comical in the ways that they bastardize the positions they’re holding. One guy starts his morning with a cigarette and the other with twitter, but they both laugh in the face of standards and decorum. Unfortunately, one guy is fictional and one isn’t but at least this show will have me laughing to keep from crying. If a show can do that, it’s a success in my book.

This show might not be your thing and I totally understood. I still urge you to give the first episode a shot. You just might like it.

PS. I wanted to name this post Cookin up Sacraments With An Uzi but the early bird gets the worm and I showed up to the feast late.






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