Men: We’re People Too


Forget everything you’ve been taught or the “values” instilled in you since you were a child. Disregard what society says when it comes to the relationships between man and woman and how you as the dominant figure should shower your significant other with gifts and affection while you sit back and receive minimal efforts on their end. You deserve to be courted and woo’d too. Who made up this construct that only women deserve to feel special? As a man, I must say, we want to be desired too. We like feeling sexy. We want some flowers and chocolate. We want a big ass bear to put in my passenger seat. Why can’t you send flowers to our job and make our co-workers jealous? Are we not worthy?

Men have qualities that deserve your praise and adoration. We are more than muscles, penis, and the occasional beard. Like you, we don’t want to be objectified. It’s not cool to assume that all we need is sex to be satisfied. We work hard and spend, not only our hard earned money, but our time with you. We do things we don’t want to do to keep you happy. You painted make up swatches on my arm to see what color fits you best because we’re kind of the same color. You called me mocha and it made me feel some type of way because I consider myself more of a butter pecan but I didn’t say anything because I was doing this for you. I let you put some weird grease in my beard because you weren’t sure what it would do to your hair. Now my beard don’t work right no more. I didn’t let that stop me from loving you tho. I’ll be your test dummy but you won’t do the same for me. You won’t spot for me at the gym because the weights are too heavy. You don’t even realize what that says to me. You’re low-key calling me weak and saying you don’t think I can lift it if you think that at any point you’d have to assist me in lifting. I asked you to spot me because I want you near. You won’t come watch me drop fools off on the court for 5-6 hours. I just wanna impress you. You never look at things from my point of view. It’s the little things that keeps us around. The occasional gift wouldn’t hurt either. I didn’t take you to the lawn care section at Home Depot just to window shop. I was throwing hints that that Troy Bilt aint gonna be on sale much longer.

As Valentine’s Day soon approaches, what we need from you is to let us know that you appreciate us. We need to be woo’d again. Make me remember why I left my ex for you in the first place. Like we said before, we don’t want JUST your sex. We want your effort. We want to wake up to you washing the car for once. Show me that you were listening when i taught you how to use a chamois. If I leave the house and forget to turn 2k off, don’t just shut the system down, save the game for me and don’t overwrite the old one. Pay off my preorder for Red Dead 2 while you’re at it. Then take me to a bar, get me drunk and seduce me properly. All we want is to feel earned. Like what we’re saying isn’t going in one ear and out the other. If you love me the way you say you do, put the cardboard and paper back in my shoes so creases won’t form. Win us back because right now, the way y’all have been trending, you’re losing us.


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