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Don’t Call It A Podcast Ep. 11 – #NintendoE3 Recap featuring @Courtlizcamp @NoseComplaint & @AVKingJames

Ryan, Courtney and special guests Nate and James breakdown Nintendo's E3 Presentation. Has the gaming giant won back the masses?

Our busy week continues! Tuesday, June 13 marked Nintendo’s presentation date for the Electronics Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. The gaming giant dropped a 20 minute presentation that did not disappoint. Including an extended trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, information on DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and information regarding a new core series Pokemon game in development for the Switch along with much, much more.  Was their presentation enough to win back their core base after the substantial failure of the Wii U?

Ryan and Courtney couldn’t contain their fanboy and fangirlism respectively and decided to drop a quick episode in response to Nintendo’s announcement. They’re joined by good friends Nathaneal Rutherford and James Jimenez. You can find the full Direct on Youtube, here’s a link to the Super Mario Odyssey trailer!

We also talked Pokemon for about 10 minutes.

The podcast is below!

Opening theme: Wii Shop Bling (Hotline Bling x Wii Shop Channel) by Toon Link – Video mashup by GravyBoy

Closing theme: Bad and Boujee WiiMix by HLFBLD

Twitter Handles:

  • Ryan – @EagleEye1906
  • Courtney – @courtlizcamp
  • James – @AVKINGJames
  • Nathaneal – @Nosecomplaint

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