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The #BB19 Week 1 Recap: This Is ALREADY Better than BB18


Y’all sure it has only been one week? My goodness, this is amazing.

Let me back up.

The first full week of Big Brother has concluded as of Thursday Night, resulting in a blindside eviction after what has been a messy week. Let’s start with the beginning.

What Happened Last Thursday?

After Cameron was evicted in the first ever “Big Brother Swap” aka we’re bankrolling on Paul’s return to boost ratings, so one of y’all gotta go, the HoH competition was played. The houseguests were split into teams of four and instructed to retrieve apples from the other side of the garden one at a time, yada yada yada, teams have eight apples to return, whoever returns the final apple for their team would win HoH. A temptation was laid out in front of the house in the form of a golden apple, if you retrieved it on your turn, you would win safety for the week, however, your team would be eliminated.

Right out the gate, Josh demonstrated that he was going to be an extreme mess this season and went to grab the golden apple immediately, eliminating his team (Kevin, Alex, Jillian) from the competition. This resulted in a major blowup between Josh and Megan as Josh was under the belief that Megan and her group were targeting him.

Which they weren’t.

josh freakout
PLEASE take this hot mess to the Final 3. We need this instability and entertainment all season

Jokes aside, Josh clearly misses his family and being cooped up in a house with total strangers and no privacy would drive me crazy too.

Anyway, Cody wins HoH and an alliance begins to form out of the showmances: Cody & Jessica, Matt & Raven, Mark & Elena, and then Dominique and Christmas, and kinda Paul. Cody nominates Jillian and Megan as they are part of the “outsiders” in the house (Jillian, Megan, Alex, Ramses). Cody begins to develop some sort of feelings for Alex, mainly because she told him to “eat s***” in the safety competition from Night 1. Alex is obviously the first woman to put Cody in his place and he finds it extremely hot, but can’t let Jessica know he’s really into her (hell, he accidentally called Jessica Alex and she still kissed the guy). It’s the most awkward love triangle of all time and if Alex was sharp she’d use it to her advantage.

During the Week

Paul (unsurprisingly) wins America’s vote to receive the “Pendant of Protection” aka ‘we gotta make sure he’s there for 3 weeks to lock in viewers’. The Pendant of Protection allows Paul to be protected from the nomination block for 3 weeks, preventing any HoH from nominating him from eviction. The “curse” is that one of his houseguests will be given some unannounced curse based on which bottle he chooses from a rack in the room. No HGs will learn of Paul’s power unless he tells them or an HoH attempts to nominate him.

Let me get sidetracked and talk about how BS that is that Paul isn’t the one to get a punishment for his reward. He should be barred from competing for HoH while he has the pendant. You can bet that the other “temptations” that will be offered throughout the season will likely punish the person who accepts it. This is just an excuse to get Paul to jury.

pop paul
#PendantofProtection #PendantofProduction #SafeuntilJury #PleaseKeepWatchingGuysYouLoveUsRight?

One night when the group of 7 (minus Cody) + Megan are in the backyard talking, someone asks Jessica why she doesn’t go speak to Cody (since he’s sitting in the corner with Alex). Jessica remarks that she doesn’t want to bother him since he’s talking with Pao Pao, a reference to a Season 16 contestant by the name of Paola Shea, basically stating that the two look alike (they kind of do, but the main reason why the connection is being made is because they’re both East Asian). Megan, somehow, completely mishears this as “Panda” and goes to tell Alex that Jessica called her a “panda”.

Alex, understandably upset, goes to confront Jessica regarding this accusation, Jessica assures Alex that she did not call her that (though she never tells her what she called her). Alex then turns around and confronts Megan for lying.

Megan gets upset, Megan cries, Megan walks out.

Yeah. She self-evicted.

To her defense, the situation triggered anxiety and a flashback:

“When I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, I was sexually assaulted and I got really bad PTSD from it,” said Lowder who served in the Navy.

“So in the house… I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill. I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I was nauseous all the time.”

Cody must then nominate a replacement for Megan since she self-evicted. He tries to convince Alex to come to his side so that he doesn’t have to nominate her, Alex refuses and basically tells Cody that her plan is to get him and Jessica out. Bold move, yet stupid, Cody nominates Alex. To make things even more confusing, Cody essentially quits during the Power of Veto competition when everyone but Alex is eliminated and she has the lead. Allowing her to win. Jessica, understandably, is confused as to why Cody did this, he claimed some type of BS, I don’t know, didn’t pay attention there, Jessica kind of bought it, kind of didn’t.

So obviously, Cody has to nominate a new (now 4th) person for eviction now that Alex has removed herself from the block. What commences is probably the most hilariously confusing POV ceremony we have seen in awhile.

Alex removes herself and Cody makes a speech about trusting people and making moves that are best for his game (I don’t remember, but this is the cliche BB POV nomination speech). So he tries to nominate Paul, at this point in time, BB announces that Paul cannot be nominated due to receiving the Pendant of Protection. Cody scowls. He then says “Christmas, you just got screwed” and nominates Christmas.

An ally.

Christmas. Because he didn’t trust Paul.


Instead of, you know, maybe Ramses or Jason? Literally any of them would have been better choices.

Christmas, of course, gets PISSED, Cody’s alliance members are blindsided, but Cody feels convinced that his team will see it his way (even though he went rogue) and vote out Christmas, as she’s a physical threat. Arguments happen, which I’m not going to get into because this post is long already and I still got more to cover, Christmas breaks her foot.

Going into Thursday, Cody thought he had the 7 votes needed to evict Christmas: Mark, Jessica, Kevin, Josh, Jason, Ramses and Alex, when the vote came back 8-4 in favor of evicting Jillian…well….(see cover image).  This led to Cody being SERIOUSLY pissed off, Jessica getting into it (verbally) with Christmas and a house full of tension ready to play for the next HoH which….

has a Candy Crush theme.

Great job Big Brother. Already more exciting and about 1000 more words than I would have written about BB18.

Now let’s talk rankings

Big Brother rankings are stupid and arbitrary, but they’re fun, so I’m doing it anyway.

Sitting Pretty – These HouseGuests have pretty much 0 radar on them and are playing a great social game.


  1. Kevin – Won 25 racks on Day 1, is in everyone’s good graces, and is largely the reason why Jillian went home. Yet nobody suspects a thing and everyone trusts him. Social game is A1 and there’s absolutely no reason for him to even push for power in the next few weeks. He’s going to at least coast to the final 6 if he keeps this up.
  2. Paul – This is really because of production, but he can’t be touched for 3 weeks. The only problem is he’s putting himself in the spotlight right now and once Cody/Jessica are gone, sights might be set on him. A large part of the showmances alliance recognize the threat that Paul is, and it only takes one of them (Elena, Mark) planting the seed once those three weeks are up. But for now, he’s safe.
  3. Christmas – The only people targeting her will likely be on the outs after these next two weeks, and she’s gotten sympathy from the others because of her foot. She’s good right now.
  4. Josh – Believe it or not this dude is sitting the prettiest. He got away with taking the golden apple and costing his team a shot at the HoH, but Kevin had to throw it due to his temptation and two larger targets have shown up this week. He basically caused a huge fuss and got away scott-free

You doing alright, no sudden moves please

Alex Ow

  1. Alex – Strongest competitor on the minority side of the house, saved herself from the block when she surely would’ve been the one going home on eviction night, and Cody’s obsession with her landed him in hot water with Jessica. Also, her winning POV caused Cody to make an incredibly stupid move and turn the sights on him. Someone who probably would’ve been going home Week 2 is now going to float at least two more weeks. Time to form some good bonds with the outliers of the Showmance Alliances (Paul, Christmas, Dominique) and have them on your side going forward. Ramses can’t save you.

  2. Elena – Everyone loves her, hasn’t made many mistakes, is probably 5th on the totem pole in her alliance. She’s sitting pretty right now.

  3. Raven & Matthew – Sticking together as a pair and aligning themselves against Cody and Jessica will work wonders, just stay lowkey and don’t let anyone use either one of y’all as pawns.

  4. Dominique

  5. Mark

You’re in trouble

Jason BB19.jpg

  1. Jason – Either is going to be a pawn moving forward for Cody’s side (per the deal he made with Cody), a sacrificial lamb if Cody or Jessica can’t be taken down one week, or straight up associated with that side of the house. If Cody/Jessica get nominated this week and one comes down, expect Jason to be the replacement.

  2. Ramses – “Retttturrrrnnn the slabbbbbb, or suffer my curse” – King Ramses, Courage the Cowardly Dog. If he’s smart and Cody/Jessica are on the block post-veto, that’s the best time to use the curse. Get in good graces with the house and re-position yourself. You’re on the minor side of the house with 0 pull in the game.

  3. Cody – Victim noises

  4. Jessica – Couldn’t confront Cody about his moves, got jealous that he had feelings for Alex and never called him out on it, started something with Christmas who may be a far better competitor than she is. Cody has a better chance of taking himself off the block, leaving Jessica vulnerable. If she or Cody don’t win HoH, she’s next.


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