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Don’t Call It A Podcast #18 – #SDCC – Justice League, 90’s Nick Revival and R.Kelly

There's a lot to unpack here, but it's worth a listen.

Movie trailer WOMPPPPPPPP noise

I don’t know if we’ve ever fit so damn much into an episode, but my goodness that was a lot to put in a little over an hour. Justice League trailer dropped on Saturday, looks like flameage, soon afterward, a trailer for Thor: Ragnarok dropped, causing Courtney to damn near faint, and during the episode we think a trailer for Infinity War leaked. Not sure though. We talk about the hype behind these three pending films, and what the future may hold for DC and Marvel’s upcoming phases.


We talk Nickelodeon’s two recent trailers for new specials and movies for Rocko’s Modern Life and Hey Arnold.


R. Kelly, Usher and OJ did things this week, we talk about them and force Alex to pick a celebrity he… know what, just listen to the episode, it’s worth it.

Also, AJ rants. Again.

Opening Track: Sense of Direction x Marcus J

Closing Track: Ok, come on, we’re talking about Usher, you know what it is

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