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How Jessica Blew A 28-3 Lead (#BB19 Spoilers)

What in the farfignewton?



Girl. Is you stupid or is you dumb?

I don’t really know how to explain what just happened, but that was possibly the worst sequence of events in a Big Brother HoH since……uh, well, Chima’s HoH got Production’d.

Even then, at least Chima had a goal and was actually on her way to getting rid of her target that week, Jessica just…..man I don’t know.

Let’s recap.

Jessica won HoH after a long endurance competition and decided she was going to target Josh, which, okay, makes sense to an extent. After all, Josh is one of your clear enemies in this game. Jessica’s goal was to continue integrating herself back into the majority of the house and take the target off her back by not burning any bridges. That was mistake #1, but we can elaborate on that in a little bit. She decided to nominate Ramses as a pawn and notify the house of her intentions, putting Josh beside him with clear intent to get him out of the house.

Okay. Fine.

She then wins Power of Veto and has a GOLDEN opportunity on her hands: she can take this opportunity to take Ramses off and nominate Paul. Now a lot of people would argue that even if you put up Paul, that doesn’t mean that he’s going home, he’s got enough bodies and votes in the house to send Josh packing instead.

Which is exactly my point.

In that scenario, Josh is guaranteed to go home, and if he DOESN’T go home, you get rid of the biggest threat in the house, instead of, you know, Ramses.

All love to Ramses by the way, that was a sad eviction, he wanted to be there, but he was just furniture (credit to Brittney Haynes) and became the victim pawn.

By pulling Ramses off the block, you gain an ally to your side, making your group a group of five: Cody, Jessica, Mark, Elena and a grateful Ramses. In the process, you take out one from the other side: Paul/Josh, Christmas, Furniture with gray hair, Furniture with red hair, with your three outliers in Alex, Kevin and Jason. Essentially splintering Paul’s minions and strengthening your side. You didn’t do that. The house turns on you, you somehow seem shocked, and now you have a potential ally gone and people mocking you.  Then you do the unthinkable.

Goodnight sweet Prince, you can now return the slab – Courage the Cowardly Dog reference

After Paul wins a true/false HoH, Jessica, in a panic, reveals that she has the Halting Hex. She doesn’t specify what it is by name or what it does, just says that she has a power that essentially keeps her and Cody safe for the next two weeks. Let’s talk about why this a bad idea:

  1. If you kept quiet, Paul targets you and you blow up his HoH on eviction night.
  2. By playing your cards, you give Paul time to think about what he wants to do and how else he can hurt you (hint: Mark/Elena)
  3. If he DOES nominate Mark and Elena, you have to decide on eviction night whether or not to burn the Halting Hex on your allies and leave yourself vulnerable the next week OR not use it and watch an ally go home.

So in short, you went from having a potential five team members to a potential 3 with the other side getting stronger.

Great job Jessica, you just had the ultimate power for one week and managed to blow everything.

Temptation competition twist should be fun, can’t wait for Matt or Raven to torpedo their game unnecessarily chasing after safety. Hopefully for their sake, they stay far away from it.


Nothing To Worry About


  1. Kevin – There’s nobody in a better position in the house. EVERYBODY trusts him, seriously. Dude straight up told Jessica about the plan to evict Ramses and has been able to place blame on Mark. Either he is extremely clueless, or he’s the best player on this season and using the strategy of “clueless old man” to progress himself as far as possible. He’s going to walk to the final 6 or 7 and might have what it takes to turn it up and go the rest of the way. Especially if he outlasts Paul.
  2. Chriummuh – Don’t know if it’s because she’s on one leg right now, but no one is going to “waste” a week coming after her. She’s going to hang around for awhile, she could end up becoming a casualty down the line like Ramses was tonight once the Ring of Replacement runs out.
  3. Paul – He’s HoH, but I can’t help but feel like the house is catching onto him. His alliance knows he’s running the show, but they’re going to let him get all the blood on his hands and take him out when the time is right. I just hope he’s smart enough to see it.

Safe, but watch your back

Alex Ow

  1. Alex – Under the radar somehow even though she’s a strong competitor, sitting back as both sides are going at each other. Grab your popcorn.
  2. Jason – A severely underrated player right now, has a better read on the game than Alex, but isn’t a super competitor. Although he HAS won a Veto. He’ll be one of the players who slips to jury and has a legit shot at going deep.
  3. Matthew – A piece of furniture
  4. Raven – Another piece of furniture, but at least she’s got a unique story and situation.


josh bb19

  1. Josh – He’s like the worst parts of Dayvonne. Extra sassy, extremely paranoid, can’t turn it off.
  2. Jessica – Halting Hex will save her over the next two weeks, if Paul doesn’t force her to burn it, after that, she’s screwed unless Cody goes first.
  3. Cody – Thought he’d have a better read coming back, but he has torpedoed him and Jessica’s game.

Oh boy

elena 19

  1. Elena – Only because she’s back in with Cody and Josh. Has a good chance to save herself and send Josh home if Paul targets them instead of Cody/Jessica
  2. Mark – His flip flopping between sides is the complete opposite of Kevin’s. He is incredibly transparent and people are seeing right through his words. Kevin pinned the flip on him, so he has to earn trust with Cody and Jessica again, and to make things worse, he could end up being the one going home due to Jessica revealing the Hex.




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