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We Bringing Love Back Podcast: Episodes 9 & 10

Been a bit busy/crazy over here at KWC, so I do apologize for the delays in posting these.


EPISODE 9 (Computer Love):

On this week’s episode, we discuss social media and how it affects relationships (or if it does at all). This week we have Austen back with us, the return of Lil Mexico back from hiding from deportation, and coming for the first time “It’s Wag.” Hope y’all enjoy.

FEATURING: @apeeeezy, @__wag_ & @___Sneakerhead

EPISODE 10 (Distant Lover):

We Bringing Long Distance Relationships Back? Maybe. But the podcast is back with one of our favorite guests, Austen and newcomer Rod to discuss experiences with long distance relationships, pro & cons, and the fact that it is completely doable. We actually went 45 minutes without going left (blame Demyja as he tells us the absolute wildest s**t ever)! Hope y’all enjoy,

Featuring: @apeeeezy & @FarFrumPerfect


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