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Don’t Call It A Podcast #21 – Charlottesville aka See A Nazi, Punch a Nazi

Usually we're really lighthearted on our podcasts, but this time we felt the need to be serious

First and foremost, I wanted to name this episode PyongGANGGANGGANG so bad, but it wouldn’t have fit in with what we were gonna talk about. The craziness with North Korea seemed so far removed by the time we got around to the events in Charlottesville.

Everyone has given their “take” on the white nationalist rallies, but we wanted to add our .02 because why the heck not, that’s why we have a podcast.

Things got heavy so about 70% of the way through we switched it up to talking about other current events including that Top 20 Chicago rappers list that Complex or someone put out….which spun the wheels for another podcast series coming soon.

Opening song: “It’s A Go” by Pat Ambrosio featuring Roy the Savage

Pat Ambrosio Twitter

Roy the Savage Twitter

Shoutout to Joe Hova for the link up.

Closing song: “This Way” by Dilated Peoples



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