Fall TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Every year, I give a list of shows you should be watching. If you aren’t watching, shame on you. First, I’d like to pour out a little liquor for Quarry. Nobody appreciated you over there on Cinemax, but I did. Sorry you couldn’t stick around to see 2017. I’ll miss you.

Fret not, here are a list of shows you should be watching this shows. Some titles are going to be familiar, others won’t.

Stranger Things


This shouldn’t be a surprise. Opinions are split on this show: Either you love it or hate it. While I admit it’s not a groundbreaking show, at the bare minimum it’s really entertaining. Stranger Things is mindless entertaining that pulls at the heartstrings of our inner kid. Plus, this show has had the best roll out ever. I’ve never seen a TV show get a Superbowl spot. I’m excited.

Where to Watch: Netflix

When to Watch: October 27th

This is Us


Shows like this usually aren’t my thing. When I sit down to watch TV, it’s for escapism. I don’t usually go for real-life stories. Well, This Is Us made me change my opinion on these types of shows. It tells a great, feel-good story about a family and their relationships.

Where to Watch: NBC/Hulu

When to Watch: September 26th. Tuesdays @ 9/8c

The Good Place


The Good Place was my surprise show of last year. I actually miss the Falcons’ Superbowl meltdown because I turned the game off to stream the finale. This show is about Eleanor (Kristen Bell) who dies and goes to “The Good Place”. Since she wasn’t wasn’t exactly a beacon of morality while she was alive, she quickly realizes that she is in “The Good Place” by mistake. This show is an unconventional take on sitcoms because it ponders questions of morality, mortality, the afterlife, etc. I highly recommend.

Where to Watch: NBC

When to Watch: September 20. Wednesdays @ 10/9 c.

You’re the Worst


This. Show. Is. The. Best. Show. On. TV. You. Have. Never. Heard. Of.

You’re the Worst is a twisted rom-com about Gretchen and Jimmy. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you wonder if relationships are the dumbest thing ever. All in all, it’s one of the most creative shows on TV and takes risk after risk.

Where to Watch: FX/FXX/FX Now App

When to Watch: September 6th. Wednesdays @ 10/9c


Mr. Robot


We’re currently in the golden age of TV. There is a show to fit everyone’s taste. That’s the good thing about the golden age. The bad thing: oversaturation. Once Breaking Bad and Mad Men came to their respective conclusions, there was a void left for the top spot. Mr. Robot fills it. For my money, it’s easily the best show on TV and will end up being in that elite company once its all said and done. Mr. Robot is a tech savvy hacker drama that merges cult classics into a completely new story.

Where to watch: USA Network/Amazon Prime

When to Watch: October 11th. Wednesdays @ 10/9c

Hopefully you find a show on my list that interests you. They all have my stamp of appr–wait…I forgot one. How can I forget this?


On October 1st, the OG Larry David is back!!!!

That concludes my list. What shows are you excited about this fall? Hit me at @TheKWCBlog and let me know.

[PS. No, really. Go back and watch Quarry. It was such a good show 😦 ]




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