Dear Football Gods: Please Don’t Take Butch Jones from Us #TennesseeHateWeek

Pssst. The featured photo isn't from an actual bowl game. It's from the Battle of Bristol, which was the first game of the 2016 season. Remember: Championship of life > Actual championships

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year again. The air temperature is a bit cooler, autumn foliage has reached its optimum golden-brown crispness, pumpkin spice items are unnecessarily on every shelf in grocery stores. There is one autumn tradition that we look forward to every year: The third Saturday in October. No matter how Alabama and Tennessee’s respective schedules shake out, these two SEC titans battle it out on the same Saturday every year.

No matter the records, this game is usually incredibly entertaining. There are some classic clashes against Phil Fulmer. Future jet sweep enthusiast Lane Kiffin was stopped by Mt. Cody’s huge blocked FG. In 2014, a relatively unknown QB by the name of Josh Dobbs gave Bama all the trouble they could handle.

This made many, including myself, think Tennessee would take this momentum into following years and rule the East. Well, we were wrong and I’m glad we were.

Butch Jones is terrible. He’s not even overrated-Brian-Kelly terrible, he’s just flat-out terrible. But his presence in college football is needed. Since LSU got rid of college football’s biggest (albeit, most lovable) idiot in Les Miles, we need a new coach to fill that void. No coach other than Butch Jones fills that void.

Butch Jones is the only coach in the nation to have a mobile office. This is where he makes his in-game adjustments.

Here are a few of my favorite Butch Jones quotes over the years:

The only five stars we concern ourselves with is a five-star heart.

They’ve won the biggest championship, and that’s the championship of life.

Our goal every year is to win a championship and compete to win a championship.

That was one of the best bye weeks we’ve had here in a very, very long time.

We learned about the value of being ready vs. the value of being prepared

You don’t have to get a physical rep to get a rep. You can get a leadership rep.

Then there’s that time he pretended like he never mentioned winning the SEC East was a goal for his team.

And how can we forget Butch using “25 points” to motivate his players?

Step aside Nick Saban, Butch is here to take a stab a the media too. Fake News!

(BTW, when someone says “please believe me, this is the truth” it’s totally not the truth)

Butch Jones’ tenure at Tennessee will likely end after this Saturday, when Tennessee rolls, volunteers themselves for sacrifice in Bryant Denny Stadium. Tennessee hasn’t scored a TD since September 23rd and I have a gut feeling this won’t be the weekend they break the trend. So as we bid Butch Jones adieu, don’t forget all the good moments he gave us. Better yet, beg the football gods to not take him away from us.



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