#MrRobot: Eps3.1undo.gz Episode Recap

A civilization which leaves so large a number of its participants unsatisfied and drives them into revolt neither has nor deserves the prospect of a lasting existence. - Sigmund Freud

Personal anecdote time: I have always been super paranoid about my personal exploits and vulnerabilities. I use passwords that are incredibly hard to crack, two-factor authorization to log into my accounts, and even VPN at times.


But one huge tip I got came indirectly. Mark Zuckerberg posted a pic from Facebook HQ a few years back. If you take a look at his laptop, you’ll see he tapes his mic and webcam. You should do this too. Someone out there could be looking at you right now. No, seriously. But that’s not what I gathered from this pic. I also noticed he uses Thunderbird. Thunderbird is an email client made by Mozilla. You should totally use Thunderbird for your personal emails. It’s wonderful.

My first reaction to this episode is “blah”. It was very expository, which was weird for a show that never held the audience’s hand. What I’ve loved about this show the most is having to pick up clues on my own. It has always demanded your attention. Now, it seems to be doing a bit of fan service by explaining in great detail what is going on every step of the way.

I found myself particularly annoyed by the dialog between Darlene and Santiago where he conveniently explains what “CHS” is for not only her but every viewer at home wondering what a “CHS” is.

I’ll end my gripe here.

Elliot is now an employee at E-Corp. I think this is his second stint at E-Corp but that may or may not be pertinent. In a bit of a comedic montage, Elliot takes down any supervisor who doesn’t help him get his plan in motion to undo the 5/9 hack and stave off Stage 2. Seventeen of all seventy-one E-Corp facilities have moved their documents to New York and Elliot is preventing the rest from arriving. The plan he devised is to convince the other sites to digitize their documents so they can remain on one site and cancel the necessity to have them transported. His fail safe to this part of the plan is adjusting the shipping manifest so facilities keep receiving the same shipments they previously shipped off.

This is going to make Whiterose happy, considering she wants to go through with Stage 2 whether or not China is able to secure UN votes for the annexation of Congo. Still not quite sure what that is about but I’m sure there are clues from the previous season I missed.

Joanna Wellick is now dead. Which should seem like a bigger deal but it just seems like a loose thread was cut loose. Her arc is tied to one of my lease favorite subplots of the entire show, which is the murder of Sharon Knowles. I thought that was the one sloppy misstep of an otherwise perfect first season.

Now on to Darlene. Darlene is also helping the FBI track Elliot in hopes of leading them to Tyrell. I do get enjoyment out of their belief that he’s the sole conspirator behind this all. Elliot thwarts them by sending an encrypted email.

Mr Robot also makes an appearance in an interesting way. Elliot has come to the conclusion that Darlene triggers Mr. Robot. They share a lot of traumatic childhood experiences and her connection to that trauma brings him out in the avatar of their father.

During a session with Krista, he recounts the story of making a snowman with Darlene. Long story short, his father pushes him out the window. Krista is shocked because she’s never heard this story before. I assumed she’s heard this story before because this is the first scene we see in the first episode of season 2. Elliot is able to conjure Mr. Robot just long enough for him to tell Krista the mind games won’t work.

Now, the question I have is how real is Mr. Robot exactly? Some viewers think he’s a figment of Elliot’s imagination, which is plausible. There are obviously some signs of brain damage from being pushed out of the window. Other characters on the show are aware of his existence but maybe they just indulge Elliot’s fantasy because that’s the safest thing to do. Other viewers even thinks he represents the devil. If used as a metaphor, I think this would make sense as well. This show heavily uses religious imagery and insists that technology is a new religion. In my opinion, Mr. Robot is very real. Elliot breaks the fourth wall to talk to us and we’re real (aren’t we?) so I think Mr. Robot is real as well. What is he, exactly? Now that I can’t answer.

But enough about this unimportant stuff, a very important character returned. None other than Flipper. The real mind behind the 5/9 hack.



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