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#PrayForJimmyG – NFL trade frenzy recap

Usually the NFL's trade deadline is a bore, but to quote Lee Corso: "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND"

One morning you wake up 6-2, the next you wake up 0-8. Such is life in professional sports…except for the NFL. Between America’s big four sports, midseason trades happen the LEAST in the National Football League, but as the deadline was looming, teams began wheeling and dealing. The biggest one from Monday would likely land in San Francisco when the 49ers made the move to trade for Jimmy Garropolo, giving New England a 2nd rounder in the process.
The 9ers subsequently released marginal starter Brian Hoyer so they’d no longer have to hold onto such mediocrity. Hoyer will likely go back to New England where it all began.

Some might say this is Belichick giving 49ers head coach/former Falcons OC Kyle Shannahan his pay off for what was so obviously an in-job of a Super Bowl meltdown, but I’m inclined to disagree.

Jokes aside, Jimmy G is a talent and he’s now being paired with one of the best offensive minds and playcallers in the game, it should bode well in his career and will come without the pressures of replacing the greatest QB of all time in Boston (I don’t envy that eventual sap). It should provide the 9ers a brightspot for the future cause right now they’re trash.

Ruzzel gets help

In this episode of “Get sassy, get traded” former Texan lineman Duane Brown got shipped to the Pacific Northwest with a quickness. Brown was heavily critical (and has been) of Texans owner Bob McNair and his pretty stupid comments from last weekend. The Texans get Jeremy Lane (DB) and some draft picks in the process, but ultimately lose a solid lineman when they have a young QB who needs the protection. Either way, Russel is happy cause that man been dodging about as many defenders as he has lines from Future.

K. That was bad. Mind ya business.

The Strong would be getting stronger if their QB wasn’t trash

Sacksonville has been a bit of a problem for opposing offenses this season. They just got better too.

I dont know if Marcel Dareus will ever reach full potential again, but if he plays half as well as he did for Buffalo, that makes Jacksonville even more dangerous.

Too bad their QB is awful, only winning strategy they have right now is get a lead and hold it.

Bruh TF?

In head scratching news the Dolphins have unloaded star RB Jay Ajayi and sent him all the way up I-95 to Philly. Ajayi hasn’t had a strong start to this season, burdened by offensive line woes and just a lack of dynamic QB play (Jay Cutler doesn’t know the difference between shotgun formation and shotgunning a beer) he just hasn’t been on pace to match the 1200+ yards he put up last season. The Dolphins will get a 4th round pick and likely a basement finish in the AFC East in return.

To quote our boy Wop:


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