Ticket Tips: Parlays & Teasers

Thought I should also go over some other unique betting strategies that you can use to help increase your winnings through parlays and teasers.



These are multi-game bets that normally help improve your payout but the catch here is that every game you add to that bet has to win or push for you to win the bet. Throughout the year you will hear of some lucky SOB who hits a 15 team parlay that wins him 20k+ but this is the exact same as winning the lottery. Lots of luck involved in winning parlays of 5 teams or more. Couple of good tips would be to never bet a parlay like you would a single game. Parlays are already designed to make you lose because you have to be perfect to win so why would you risk the same amount of money and go 2-1 or 6-1 and lose everything? The smart move would be to take your normal unit size and bet a quarter of it. You are already getting a better payout because the odds of you going 2-0 are already against you statistically. Keeping parlays to no more than 4 teams also keeps you from searching for another game that you are not as confident in to add to it. Stick to what you feel confident about.



In teasers you are either adding points to a underdog or lowering the points of a favorite by 6-7.5 points. You can also do this with totals bringing the number down or up by the teaser amount (They do offer teasers of 10 and 13 points but if you need that big of a swing you will pay for it in the payout). You have to have two or more teams to tease the numbers. The best strategy here is to take close lines (Pick ’em to + or -4.5) and move it the 6-7.5 points of your choosing. the payout on teasers vary on the amount of points teased a and the number of teams in the teaser and the site will tell you that amount after you have added everything you want. Teasers are something that I tried using in the past but have gone away from in the last two years because of the “What if I add…” mentality it tends to create where you look for more to add. If you use them, keep it at 3 or 4 teams max and bet no more than half  of a unit on it.


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