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LMAOOOOO @BuffaloBills

insert crying emojis

Oh man. I can’t reiterate enough times just how stupid this move was. I don’t even have the words honestly.

For as mid as the Chargers have been, there is one thing they can do consistently: pressure QBs and create turnovers. There’s one thing Tyrod DOESN’T do: turn the football over.

So no matter how frustrated you may find yourself offensively, why would you go to a rookie NOW? It makes no sense from any reasonable standpoint. Peterman was honestly drafted TOO HIGH, so to throw a guy who’s clearly not ready to the wolves at this at the cost of your playoff placement…… I just….what?

5 interceptions. Five. Kobe gif meme. 

Count em






Tyrod has thrown 3. ALL SEASON. 

He’s NEVER thrown a pick six in his Bills career. 

It really feels like Bills management is pushing this. They’ve been completely disrespectful of Tyrod And what he’s done for them his entire tenure, why they didn’t trade him when they let Woods and Watkins go is beyond me. Let him walk this off-season and become a Jaguar or Bronco like he deserves to be. 


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