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#MrRobot Episode Recap: Eps3.6_fredrick&tanya.chk

"Your revolution was only allowed to happen because it was bought and paid for by people like them."


If you’re reading this, you’ve awakened from your tryptophan-induced coma and I’m so glad you’ve joined me to talk Mr. Robot.

For the past two weeks, we’ve had heart pumping episodes. This week, Sam and the crew didn’t want to send us to the hospital so the pace was slowed down a bit. But this slower burning episode didn’t lack in quality.

After the cataclysmic events of last week’s episode, I was left wondering how everyone would be dealing with the aftermath.

Seems like everybody might have to hold their horses on the Angela theory. By episode’s end, she’s sitting on the floor bringing the victims “back” by rewinding the news. I’m not sure if Whiterose’s big revelation to Angela was DVR but Angela seems entranced.

Mr. Elliotbot runs to Krista. Pissed and confused, Mr. Robot takes over and gives another monolog taking credit for not only the 5/9 hack but the entire “revolution” altogether. This causes Krista to push the boundaries of the patient confidentiality by seeking counsel.

The center of this week’s episode is Tyrell. Tyrell is directly under Santiago’s supervision which means he’s still under The Dark Army’s control. To ensure Tyrell doesn’t run the plan off the rails, Santiago tells him that his wife is dead and his son is in an orphanage. Tyrell has to identify the conspirators of the Stage 2 hack. He points out…

I called this last week and I’m glad I was right because we got another moment with Trenton and Mobley. Unfortunately, it will be the last time we see them. The post-credits scene of season 2 featured Trenton and Mobley outside of a Target somewhere in the Southwest. Leon approaches and asks them if they have the time. That’s where we are this week. Leon is wiping his blade, there’s a dead roommate, and Trenton and Mobley both sit on the couch petrified. Leon is only there to keep them in place until the Dark Army decides their fate. In the garage of the house, Trenton and Mobley are placed in front of computers and are both killed by Dark Army henchmen. This all happens before the FBI moves in after Tyrell identifies Trenton and Mobley.

This episode took me back to the good ol days of Breaking Bad. It had the locale, dark-humor, and story arc. This episode was a brilliantly layered narrative that showed how effectively this show uses every single detail. Even the Angela Moss-Phillip Pryce relationship is revealed to have a deeper meaning. At the top of all this is our Gustavo Fring, Whiterose. Blowing up 71 recovery facilities was done simply because she had to ask a question twice. This is a great show elevated by a great villain.

That’s it for this week. Keep checking back here weekly for recaps. I’ll leave you with a few questions.

  • Which side is Tyrell on now?
  • It’s clear that Dom is suspicious of Santiago, what happens next?
  • Did Elliot/Mr. Robot make a mistake by confessing to Krista?

Song of the week

An argument can be made for The Knight Rider theme but nah, it’s definitely Gangstarr-Moment of Truth. I’m almost positive Joey Bada$$ had some input on this.

Episode File Format


CHK is a file extension for a temporary file format used by WordPerfect for Windows. A CHK file can be created before and in between saves to safeguard data or to recover data after a program crash.


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