“I Wanted to Save the World”: #MrRobot eps3.9_shutdown-r Recap


Mr. Robot theory heat index:

  • Angela/Ms. Robot – cold as Alaska
  • Whiterose’s alternate reality – mild
  • Angela Moss-Price – HOT HOT HOT

The finale of Mr. Robot took time to answer a few questions while recentering the show. I’ll be speaking about this episode in a broad sense of what it means for the future of the series. We can zoom past crooked Santiago’s inevitable demise. Zoom past Dom potentially taking this place.

Let’s focus on where this episode redirects Mr. Robot. This show started off focused in on the rag-tag group of hackers who wanted to end world debt and corporate corruption. It then branched out to focus on the global implications of those actions. This created several new subplots which branched out. This season linked those big ideas together. This episode makes the world small again.

Yes, this show is about a hacker who “wants to save the world” but underneath it’s about family. Loneliness. Our existence. The purpose of life. Mr. Robot only exists in the metaphysical but he’s the avatar of Elliot’s father. He’s a part of Elliot that Elliot has grown to miss. They’re finally reunited and realize they both need each other in order to sustain their existence. At their worst, they inhabited the same body but were playing on two separate teams. This cause Elliot’s body to malfunction. Now, on the same side, they can both work towards their common goal which is saving the world.

Much like the advice Mr. Robot told Tyrell, he couldn’t see what was above him. He thought E-Corp was the tallest tree to chop, not realizing there were hands pulling the strings in the dark. So, obviously, season four will be about taking down the Dark Army. Elliot can wipe out every corporation adjacent to E-Corp, but none of that would matter as long as Dark Army and Whiterose control everything.

The reveal of Fernando Vera’s return makes for an interesting season four. Could the cosmos align to have Fernando help Elliot? Who knows? Either way, I think season four should be the last season and I’m not saying a negative way. While I love season two’s artistic vision, season three was simply great storytelling. Season three also morphed into a different show. It kept the cyber-punk aspects while mixing in elements of noir and sci-fi/fantasy. So no, this show shouldn’t end because it’s on the decline. Three to five seasons was Sam Esmail’s original vision anyway and I think the best version of this show concludes on the path we’re currently heading down. I’m sure there are a few more twists along the way but I can feel the train slowing down.

All in all, this was a pretty tense episode and I’m sad I have to wait at least another year for more.


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