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Don’t Call It a Podcast #35 – Best of 2017 featuring @roywoodjr, @rod4short, @Pattric, @SebastianKole

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This has really been a phenomenal year for The Kids Wear Crowns, our website has seen new records and heights that we’ve never before achieved, and we owe it all to you. When Ron and A.J. started discussing the idea of a podcast, I was thoroughly excited at the idea: I love talking, we could talk for an hour about various subjects, but I wasn’t sure how it would take off.

It has. Thank you. Seriously.

Technically our first podcast was the Album of the Year show we did back in December of 2016, that stood as kind of a pilot episode for what “Don’t Call It a Podcast” eventually became. We can’t thank you enough for what you’ve helped us put out there, and that you stayed with us through the developmental process. It took us 30+ episodes, but we’ve found our collective voice and I wanted to dial back to our older episodes to show how far we’ve come and some of the fun moments we’ve had. From Roy Wood Jr. talking about flying cars possibly decapitating people to Schuyler standing up for James Evans to Pattric probably being drunk to AJ being called “Perry the Platypus”, we’ve had a myriad of hilarious moments and I want y’all to experience that in this Best Of episode. We’ll be back next week with our Album of the Year 2017 episode, we hope you’ll join us again.

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