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I’m sorry, is UCF NOT supposed to be proud?


Every single game on their schedule, they won. Including a matchup against a Big10 Football program and despite an ACC game being cancelled due to weather. They won every single game on their schedule including beating Top 25 Memphis TWICE and beating an Auburn team that has beat the true National Champion and Runner-Up.

What are they supposed to do?

Is Alabama going to say “yes” if UCF calls to play them?

What about USC or Ohio State?

People are quick to holler that UCF had games against Austin Peay, but what about Alabama playing Mercer or Ohio State playing UNLV? Schools play lesser teams for money, it happens, it helps the pocketbook of the smaller schools, why hold that against Central Florida but not one of the “big boys”?

Look, I’ve written about this before, but I think people wear their bias goggles and try to block out the real reasons why UCF can’t get in the National Championship conversation. It’s because acknowledging that it’s truly a sham only designed for big money, older programs to collect the big time money. Sure, you could argue that their relevance is what draws people in, but don’t continue to run under the false narrative of College Football being a sport about passion, because it’s not. It’s a sport about money just like the NFL that can maximize profit because it doesn’t pay its players.

National Champions were claimed back in the day by teams who felt they deserved it or that they were ranked #1 in different polls. Alabama did it, Auburn did it, USC too. UCF was the only team to win all their games in the country, regardless of schedule, let them celebrate how they want to. The BCS was ditched for a committee a few years ago to avoid the numbers from saying teams like Boise State or UCF should be in. UCF could go undefeated again next year and still get left out because it “wasn’t enough”.

They’re going to be the team all the big time schools and their fans scrutinize next season or the season after whenever they finally lose a game. Why? Because they want to validate their superiority over such programs.

The truth is, unless you’re among a group of 25-30 programs, you’re not winning a national championship anytime soon, if ever. So why not claim your own?


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