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[Playlist] Don’t Shuffle, Don’t Skip #2 – Mellow

I told myself I would do more of these and more often.

See I travel a lot. A WHOLE LOT, and I find myself tinkering with different playlists and podcasts so that my extended drives won’t get so burdensome/boring. Last fall, I decided to make “themed” playlists set to create different moods. I had one that was meant to create a chill/relaxed environment that I was particularly proud of, and I finally decided to make one to mellow myself out.

Along with a theme, I try to make sure the songs interlock in a way, whether it’s the BPM or the instrumentation at the end of one song and beginning of another, or I just feel that they go together. As the title says, take the playlist OFF of Shuffle, and let it flow.

There are a TON of times on the road where I’m running between destinations in a tight time frame, and a playlist like this will help me calm down and focus.

I hope you enjoy listening to this playlist as much as I did making it.

Happy MLK Day


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