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DCIP #38: Harley Barber ain’t got lips (#BlackLightning, Top TV Shows of All-Time)

The state of Alabama made the news again this week, but this time for racism.

Oh wait.

We didn’t spend a lot of time on Snookie-mini, but we did talk about Black Lightning’s debut, how mad some black folks have to make a white person for them to aggressively shout the n-word without pause (Kramer), and if you would rather have your first album released under Diddy or Birdman.

Breaking Bad turned 10 this week, what are your Top 5 TV Shows of ALL-TIME? Our answers are below, tweet us yours at @TheKWCBLOG

Intro Song: 

Anita Remix x Smino, T-Pain

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Tyrant x Kali Uchis, Jorja Smith

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