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Don’t Call This A Podcast #40: You know it’s “Black Panther”, not The Black Panthers, right? featuring @HumbleTeej, @true_stew

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FIRST AND FOREMOST: Congratulations to Dee, her husband Joseph and little Joe for welcoming in baby Jordan to the family last night!

Twitter is a ridiculous place full of extremism and sharp dichotomies an the impending release of Black Panther has it all in a tizzy.

But first, pimpin ain’t easy, we talk about Mayor Megan Barry of Nashville getting it in with her security detail. How much money would you let someone powerful pay you to keep smashing your spouse? Is there an acceptable amount? Can you be bought?

#TweetThruIt: Your spouse has their friend join you for drinks, they run up a $131 bar tab and their card gets declined. You paying? You taking $50K or a one-on-one lunch or dinner with Jay-Z?

Last but not least, what album did you love that everyone else HATED?

Today’s episode featured @HumbleTeej, @true_stew and Brandon Mac

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Opening Track: She Will x Lil Wayne, Drake

Closing Track: Stir Fry x The Migos


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