The Mystery Of Smilez and Southstar


For this post, I have to take you back, way back…back into time. A time where velour sweatsuits were considered club attire. Where wearing a durag under a headband, under a hat after getting a fresh haircut was considered normal behavior. Where gaudy NBA logos adorned all manner of  grossly oversized denim. The mid 2000s were a strange time. During this time, rappers and labels were frantically searching for a hit record, hoping to emulate the successes of 50 Cent and the like, a duo by the name of Smilez and Southstar burst onto the scene with their song “Tell Me” and sparked a question that has lay dormant since their just as quick disappearance. No, not what happened to them, that’s easy. They were two mediocre rappers who caught a jam at the right time. No, the real mystery is…which one is which.

No, seriously, which one is which? Like, which one is Smilez and which one is Southstar. Normally, we’d hope that one of these two gentlemen would have an stereotypically ethnic name but a quick Wikipedia search reveals their names are Rob (Southstar) and Rodney (Smilez). I mean, I’m guessing the black guy is Rodney and the…asian? cat is Rob. Sadly, due to this duo existing before the advent of social media and disappearing before they were truly famous, not much evidence of their existence and almost no interviews I can find and I honestly don’t care enough to dig much deeper. So, which one is which? The world may never know. But, at least you have an excuse to go back to 2003 and reminisce one more time.


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