Love and Kevin Smith

Had it not been for Kevin Smith, New Orleans residents Caitrin and Dave Gladow would have never met each other.

“This was in 2006,” Mrs. Gladow said recently, “I was newly single and not looking. At the same time, ‘Clerks II’ was about to be released in theatres, so on a whim, I posted on Kevin Smith’s Askewisverse that I was excited about the film.”

As it was custom in the mid-aughts, Mrs. Gladow put her MySpace profile information in her signature on the Kevin Smith message board.

“It was a heavily private account,” she recalled, “Dave saw it and sent me a friend request. We realized that we worked four blocks apart in Fort Lauderdale.”

For Mr. Gladow, the one thing that he saw attractive in his wife was her empathy as well as helping him come out of his shell.

“She helped me come out of it in a very positive way,” he said.

When it came time to discuss marriage, Mrs. Gladow said that there was no uncertainty.

“I knew Dave was the one when my dad died unexpectedly in December 2006. We had been dating for a few months and he took off work to be with me in Pensacola. I knew that he was it for me because he was there for me during the worst week of my life and I couldn’t fathom him not being there for the best weeks, too.”

On their wedding day, Mrs. Gladow recalled sprinting up the aisle.

“Both of us were resolute that day,” she said, “No nerves.”

Today, the couple live in the Milan neighborhood with their three children. When asked about the advice they would give to married couples, Mrs. Gladow had this to say.

Kindness and communication matter. Just being kind to your partner, and listening when they need you to, makes all the difference in the world. And once you have kids, don’t make your kids the sole focal point of your relationship. You need alone time together to maintain that intimate bond, and honestly? Your kids will get their early perception of relationships, and what to look for in a partner, from your example.”


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