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Ryan’s Dad Reviews #2: Who the heck is funding the PJ Masks?

Cause bedtime Is the right time to put me out of my misery

Cartoons are fun depending on one’s level of ability when it comes to separating entertainment from reality. There’s usually a minimum level of escapism required to indulge in what’s essentially meant to be pure entertainment. Kids cartoons suspend that disbelief anymore seeing as their target audience has little to no idea of what consequences would arise should reality be applied to the situations within. That being said, it’s always fun to poke around on the feasibility of what’s unfolding right in front of you. Today it’s the PJ Masks.

As I mentioned before, my daughter watches a myriad of cartoons when she actually does watch TV. Most of the time we end up leaving our TV on at night because I’m not used to sleeping in complete darkness. We now live in the country and instead of in the city or suburbs, so there’s no backlighting and I don’t really know how to sleep without it. Weird. I know. Anyway, we typically leave Disney Jr. on for our daughter in case she wakes up in the middle of the night so that a) She’ll have something to do and will watch herself back to sleep and b) she won’t wake us up and will stay in her bed.

Most of the time PJ Masks is on in the evening or early in the morning.

Who are the PJ Masks? They are a trio of young superheroes who somehow acquired magic pajama pants that grant them superpowers. They consist of Connor aka Catboy, Greg aka Gecko and Amaya aka Owlette, who are granted the powers of super speed, super strength, and super vision and flight respectively. They work together in the nighttime to save their city from the villainous exploits of Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja. Thrilling I assure you.

In all honestly, the show isn’t that bad, they of course have a running lesson about teamwork and doing what’s right. but I have some questions because of course the hell I do.

1 – Where are their parents?


The ONLY adults you ever see in this show work at the school and are the student’s teachers. There seem to be no other parents around. I’m asking this because I’m concerned, the PJ Masks only fight crime at night, meaning they routinely sneak out of their room to go fight crime and their parents never check on them. No, seriously, if you have a small child in the Elementary School age, wouldn’t you at least check on them every once in awhile? Probably not every night, but man, at least once a week right? Do their parents KNOW their superheroes? Are they aware of this and that’s why they don’t care? Even if they are aware, would you really be okay with your 6-year old running around fighting villains at night?

And speaking of Villains, as mentioned above, they are children too. Which means that their parents never check on them either, which could very well be why they do things for the evilz, they’re not bad, just want attention.

2- Who’s paying the power bill at headquarters

The PJ Masks have a lair in the middle of town that they operate out of come night time. This lair features a super computer, houses all their vehicles and has a special 3-level garage door allowing them instant access inside and outside their base. My question is with all this technology being used and all these fancy lights and electricity being needed for this place to function…..who is footing the bill?

They’re kids, they’re not getting paid, so how is this funded? Again, do their parents know about this? HOW RICH ARE THEIR PARENTS? IS THE CITY FOOTING THE BILL AND ARE THE TAXPAYERS AWARE?

To add to that Romeo, one of the villains I mentioned before, has a robot the size of a building. How is that thing being operated? Has a 6-year old discovered some new type of renewable source of energy? He also once built a machine designed to freeze the entire city for him so that the only one that could maneuver around was him. Kid has had a remote that could reverse time too. What government agency is feeding this kid grant money?

3 – No really, where are Night Ninja’s Parents?

night ninja

I have a theory: Night Ninja is a spoiled rich kid who lacks proper attention at home. So much so that he used his parent’s money to train in the martial arts and actively pays an army of toddlers to be his entourage. Only reason I can think of for his existence. No, seriously. Why else would he have access to a plethora of costumes and gear and be able to utilize them effectively?

Okay, all the kids are neglected. That’s my official theory. Their parents obviously don’t care about them. They raise themselves.

Plot twist: all the main characters in PJ Masks live in the same home.


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