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Don’t Call It A Podcast #42 – Introducing the #90s Bracket featuring @JoeCoadTwo, @RHancock19

So you’ve heard us mention this over the last few days on the website, but we’re officially moving forward with our 90’s bracket! We get into how this is going to work and what’s at stake (we’ll cover below).

So what’s on the docket this time around?

  • What is proper spoiler etiquette for movies and episodic TV shows? Twitter’s general rule of thumb is 3 days, how do you feel?
  • Have you ever had something spoiled for you that pissed you off? Have you ever spoiled something for someone on accident?
  • What if Facebook and Twitter had built in filters you could toggle on and off to avoid major movie spoilers?
  • During Tweet Through It we talk about the #HurtBae one-year anniversary reunion video (this is a thing)
  • Were you an anime fan in High School? What did you nerd about that you got clowned for?
  • We nominate four programs for each region of our 90s bracket
    • Cartoon Network/Disney/ABC
    • Nickelodeon/Warner Bros/Kids WB
    • Sitcoms
    • Variety/Others
  • Our official 90’s bracket rules will be up within the next week, in the meantime, feel free to submit your nominees below or to us via Twitter (@TheKWCBlog).
  • The winner of our bracket challenge will receive an Official KWC 90’s Bracket Shirt!
  • Intro Track: “Password” x Open Mike Eagle
  • Outro Track: “King’s Dead” x Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Future
  • Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Player

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