Bad Boys, Bad Boys (Fantasy Edition)

I’m generally easy to please when it comes to movies, but one thing I dislike is when everyone becomes a hero. Yes, I love a good story about redemption, but nothing is more satisfying than when a hero thwarts a villain’s plot because he truly got the best of him. With this in mind, I’ve gathered a list of some of my favorite superhero/fantasy movie villains. They aren’t in any order because 1) there are way more than those I’ve listed and 2) #IAmChidi and couldn’t decide on whom I love the most (It’s Loki).

Shall we begin?

Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan (Star Trek: Into Darkness 2013)


Talk about a superiority complex.

Khan was smarter, stronger, and all around more advanced than those who wished to use him. He wanted to save his people and destroy anyone who couldn’t keep up with them. Cold world. They should have let my man sleep.

Michael B. Jordan as Erik “Killmonger” Stevens/N’Jadaka (Black Panther 2018)


Stay woke.

Killmonger is intriguing because his “cause” was one people could understand. His heart was broken to the point that it was hardened. He was so desperate to avenge his father and liberate his people, that his judgment was cloudy. Seriously, his plan was trash but he stood by it. Respect.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki (Thor: The Dark World 2013)



Loki will betray Thor at every opportunity. It will happen. He can’t help himself. This is why he’s one of my favorites. Loki will do whatever is in his best interest. Every time. A villain to the core.

Heath Ledger as Joker (The Dark Knight 2008)



The Joker has always been a formidable foe for our hero Batman, but this iteration of the Joker is one for the books. He had no code, no honor, and no real reason for his actions. He just wanted to prove that you aren’t as good as you think you are. None of you. I’m grateful I don’t live in Gotham.

Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias (Watchmen 2009)


I’ll let him speak for himself.

“I’m not a comic book villain. Do you seriously think I would explain my masterstroke to you if there were even the slightest possibility you could affect the outcome? I triggered it 35 minutes ago.” Be still my heart.

Your turn. Tell me what fantasy movie villains made your list.


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