So, It Hit Me…Short Term 12 is One of the Most Important Movies of the Past Decade


Greetings all, I’m back with a new offering about a movie that is essential viewing. This movie requires no introduction because I already introduced it in the title. However, I will provide a little backstory. Circa 2013/2014, I was perusing Netflix looking for a movie to watch. If you go deep enough down a rabbit-hole, you’re bound to find a gem. The gem of a movie I discovered is none other than the one we’re currently discussing.

Long story short, this movie is about counselors at a short-term group facility for at-risk teens. These teens have been the victims of abuse, abandonment, etc. The main character takes a liking to one of the newest clients. She sees herself in the actions of this young girl and eventually develops a bond. This movie is incredibly intimate and tells a heartwarming story. I laughed, I cried (a lot), and was left satisfied with the journey into this world.

This movie ended up winning tons of top honors on the indie festival circuit (SXSW included) but that’s not what makes it important. It’s important because it served as the career launchpad for some of the biggest rising stars today. That main character was none other than Academy Award Winner Brie Larson, who will also be taking the mantle of Captain Marvel next summer. Her boyfriend in the movie was played by John Gallager, Jr, who starred in 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Belko Experiment. Another one of the senior-most counselors was played by Stephanie Beatriz, who is known for her hilarious role as Rosa on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The new hire of the facility was played by Emmy Winner Rami Malek, star of Mr. Robot. One of the teens in the facility stood out the most to me, though. In a movie full of eventual stars, he stole the show. This actor was none other than Lakeith Stanfield.

Out of all the stars in this movie, I’m happy his is shining the brightest. Yes, I trojan horsed a Lakeith Stanfield appreciate post in here. Please go see Sorry for Bothering You this summer.

But seriously, Short Term 12 is one of those movies that will be special ten years from now. A small, little unknown film that housed budding actors. This movie should be seen for the great performances from an unknown cast that had great potential. So please, find it in your favorite streaming service’s library.

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